Saturday, July 26, 2008


Yes, my friends the blueberries are ON!!
This morning I am making fresh blueberry muffins. Don't you wish you were coming to my Angel Food distribution?
So I am on the run for today.........
Angel Food this morning
The rest of the grocery shopping this afternoon, with Mom.
and the Littles by supper time.
Is it any wonder I don't have time to clean house???
Knitting must come first, lol.
in the mean time.
Knit On.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tuesday-already, sigh

and the list still isn't touched, lol.
Oh to knit a while before bed, Yawn.........
Knit on.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

And She's 2!!

Officially on July 13 Charlie Ann became two!!
Isn't she a cutie in her new car??

My Son in Law Jim, just installed another modem for me, durn storms keep knocking me out!
so I am back.

Job is going well........but boy am I tired at the end of my work day.
Hopefully routine will kick in soon?.
Off to take the last Little outta the tub
their Dad brought them over tonight so we could conserve gas!!
All I had to do was ask.
Knit on............I am.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

And the band played on...

Hope everyone has a good day!
We did here.......Parade at 11 am, then to the grocery store to get more burgers and pickle relish.
My former Director, when I sang with the Lakeland Chorale Society, Cole, who is the High School Choir Director, and his students are outside of the grocery.
Selling hot dogs! Well when someone recognizes you and they are "selling" and it's Cole, well, I purchased 3 for us for lunch! Good for me!
Thenk we came home, Tim and I readied the back yard for a 5 pm cook-out!
We had 17 people! Most everyone had Tim's folks.
Sorry for Tim, but I would hope he sees that if he doesn't start to find Joy in everything, that is him in a couple of years!
They-his folks left early and the rest of us stayed out side til almost 9, then everyone went home and we three and my friend Mary came in.
Mary stayed for about 45 minutes and then she went home
15 minutes later Mom went out to the cottage to go to bed.
Tim and I watched the Boston Pops Fireworks on CBS and then so did we!

Today we are going Thrifting this morning(visit the regular thrift stores and maybe a garage sale or two), picking up the Littles at 1:30 and heading to an other gathering at 3!!
I am loving my weekend off so far!! Gotta Love that M-F job!!
In the mean time............

Knit On!