Friday, November 01, 2013

Welcome me back!

gone for so long, now to remember how to post, lol.  Need to be active here again!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunny days,

after a long cold winter are very welcomed at this home! While it is still very cold out-30's-Tim is working on learing up the yard! The house is also getting spring cleaning. Those projects for home organization-shelf building and re-arranging "stuff" seem endless. But after almost 5 years, we have finally fund the right place for items..until we change our minds again, lol. The 16 yr old cat, Spanky, who came home to live with us in early March has adapted well. He loves the window seat upstairs, and the old wool sweater which became a cover for the pad. The warmth of the wool and the sun helps his old bones. He has for the most part whipped the dogs into shape, lol. They just avoid him. He has also won Tim over..really, Tim who wasn't keen on a cat in the house..looks for him, lol. They are becomming "buds"..he is MY cat, lol. So off to make supper, stitch on the table topper so I can start the Easter one--a new passion to stitch these things .. but also to knit bunnies for the mantle and socks to keep my feets warm. So in the mean time. Knit on!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

And tomorrow is Valentine's Day...

so today we are taking a road trip to Lansing. For Tim to go to a train show or, I am planning on just visiting with my sister, Myrna!!
Her Chef-of-a-Husband is making us supper or dinner, if it involves cloth napkins, lol.
Yesterday found us being slugs, yes we did not accomplish much if anything. Tim did clean out a few boxes from the basement, in preparation of having a Train Room.
Me, I finished a pair of wool socks and made great progress on a ruffled scarf! Perhaps the scarf will be finished today!
Challenge 2011 with my Stitchy Sisters had been good for me..I am wrapping up some of those pesky UFO's...7 of them to date! I would hate to find out how many more actually exist, lol.
But I intend to keep plugging away at them!
So off to prepare for a fun day away, in the meantime...
Knit on!

Saturday, January 01, 2011

New Year

A new year and an odd numbered one! Those are always luckier for me! Wonder what luck filled things are around the corner??
Plan on having some time for me and getting my things organized. The way I want not how somebody thinks I should. (Single is not always bad.)
I didn't want to go anywhere for 3 whole days, but alas, I have to run out to get some yarn, a few books I did not get for Christmas and a new saw blade for the dh.
So later today it will be ME time...
Happy new year, to all and even with my complaints and rumblings, I am still very, very blessed.
Knit on.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

And today finds me home from work...

stomach ache-y, anxiety, depression? Call it what you would, I call it a "mental health day". After almost 3 months of husband's unemployment, I need a break, I need to be ALONE. at least for a period of time longer than a couple of hours!!!
I don't have any plans, no car to run away in(van STILL in the shop-dh needs to call, maybe???)
and I wouldn't want to go out in the weather. Tho it just seems to be "flurries" today. I shall knit, sleep, chuck wood into the fire, and maybe do a couple of light chores. I might even find something to make for a nice comfort supper, like a stew or something.
But mostly I am just going to not be what I usually am. I am going to be free, totally alone.
So in the meantime...
Knit on.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Snow and more snow

oh and the blowing that comes with it...not nice Mother Nature.

In CA, my son is not going to complain about the 65° weather, good thing.
Talks with him last night of over 70 minutes this started at midnight, but don't worry, I had a 2 hour nap first, lol.

We talked of Christmas presents, Charlie's progress-thank you God.
Scarlett's first steps, why could she not have waited until Grandma could get there???

Just trying to get thru the days, DH's underemployment does still not seem to affect him, me, I am going to get white hair and panic attacks(hope not-Xanax worked once but it was always a hazy day, lol.)

Christmas is NOT going to be as home produced as I had originally planned, tough.
I will mostly knit for me this winter season. I have that huge carry on bag to knit for a "some-day" trip out to CA. It was to have been in Feb and all my carefully saved $ went for bills after the job change. Not fair, but life. So again I have started to put away what I can. I miss my son and his family. At this age, I should be able to go 2 times a year, for long weekends, right? Not at present, sigh.

So for now I am content to be in a warm, (mostly) and dry house. Still not decorated for Christmas Holiday, but it will be soon.
in the mean time.....
Knit on.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Winter really coming this time!

So WOOD-TV says. 3 days, up to 8+ inches of snow. Great and us with the all-wheel drive van in the shop! I need weight over the back wheels in the PT. Top Priority today?

Crafting and Decorating should be the theme of today! We need a little Christmas, right this very minute. Right now! I am thinking I should just wrap up those gifts sitting on the diningroom table, so that is done! Buck the wrapping as they come up the driveway tradition, lol. It would be a first. Maybe it's time to continue the change to simpler things, like planning ahead and being successful in the actual task, lol.
Off to ...

Knit on!