Saturday, August 30, 2008


It's Labor Day weekend!! How can this be?? I didn't get to do the beach scene, not even once(yeah I am such a beach bunny, not!) But I do like the evening beach at sunset....maybe tomorrow or Monday evening, that is still, "summer" right???
Today DH and I went to the local Craft show, it's an annual that I love to go to..don't buy, but love to look. Occasionally, something cries out to go home with us, or me. Not so this year.
Tomorrow will find us bright and early at the Allegan Antique Market!! Again some where I like to go, but rarely find anything. But this is the first time this year I get to go early!!
Monday will find just the two of us at home, hopefully getting the autumn decorations out, yes this year we are going to decorate early! Then we can really enjoy them.
So I am off to knit and plan tomorrow!
Happy holiday to those who do get a "long weekend".
Knit ON.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Back from the Fiber Fest

after a long week, I did go...........and walked and looked and walked and looked and giggled and talked and had a GREAT time. Big, big Thank Yous go out to my dear friend Cherrie and her Carl!
Only bought one skein of socks that rock and another wool to knit up and felt...I was very controlled.
Tonight I came home and Tim picked the remaining blackberries I did not this morning...we now have 12 1/2 pints of delicious blackberry jam!!
My neighbor called and offered me tomatoes and tomorrow will be some of that !!
Preserving and canning are in full swing......I grumble while doing it, but I do so love my pretty jars of food, lol.
Off to knit!!
so to you...............
Knit On.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

one hard week

I feel like I have been living a movie or tv script this week.
Our Aunt Erma died on Monday in an automobile accident, with the service at graveside on Thursday.
On Friday evening, our Angela-DH's neice-got married.
Today, I am up much earlier than I planned, but it is Fiber Fest day. I have yet to pack, the week kept both DH and I very busy.
But luckily I had made my "list" weeks ago in preparation, now just to find all that stuff!!
That's all for now, as I gotta get going and get my stuff to the door to take. We are camping overnight at the Fest!! Just my friend Cherrie and I!!! NO BOYS!
So fans!-I am outta here!
Knit on!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Why are we so tired???

Could it be the weather, could it be we plan too much for our plate??
I am tired of being tired!! I want just a time to sit.
I never used to get tired. But I guess the new job and summer activities
are just catching up with me. I need a break, oh wait! I am going
to get one! Fiber Fest!!
Even tho we have to attend DH's niece's wedding on Friday the 15th--and
that delayed the original plans- :-(!
I will be meeting up with Cherrie on Saturday morning!!
So starting on next Monday--I am packing!! Packing to spend one night you ask?
Well there are many projects to take, so I won't get bored you know.........I hope to finish up
at least one, but you know, I will just probably just start a new one. Most likely, socks.
I haven't knit any just for me in a time, and winter's coming!
So that is the plan, for today, I have to pick up my sewing from the dining room
table this morning as DH's cousin and her husband will be here when I come home
from work and DH is planning on them staying for supper.
So probably no knitting for me again tonight, which makes a stressed me!
in the mean time, for me.....
Knit on.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Monday, sigh

the weekend went by way too quickly.
Yesterday we took the day off from church. Did some running around and just worked at home. It felt good to not be in a hurry!
Surprise! the pastor calls at 8 pm, we missed you, where were you...and so on and so forth.
We too want time off!!
Today is a blah day for me, I feel dis-orientated, DH says I am dehydrated, maybe, will turn in early, like that will happen, and try to get a good night's sleep
Off to finish supper, and then the sign for Fiber Fest so others can identify our site, Cher!
in the mean time.........
Knit ON.

Friday, August 01, 2008

While I do like my new job,

I am pretty happy it is the last workday of my week.
There is so much I want to do at home, organize my stash-es, yarn, patterns, cross stitch, patterns, stamping stuff, idea sheets........well you get the idea.
I also have curtain valances to finish up for the kitchen, the master bedroom, CharlieAnn's room in California and the front foyer, tho I have to find fabric for the foyer. I guess I had better make a list!!
It is true, I am a list maker. It keeps me focused and on task. While I may not get the list done in the time line which I set, it does keep it at the forefront.
So with Blueberries in full swing, it will be time to start putting them up! I think I am going to try drying some of them. Treats for winter!
I have a starter list for my trip to FiberFest.....and that is one of the reasons I want to get into the yarn which I already have. To have a fresh idea of what I do already own. I do know I will find some sock yarn, I truly love socks! And now I have a job where I can easily wear them to work, no more strigent dress code for me!! Not exactly a jeans everyday enviroment, but come winter/fall, I will certainly try it for Fridays!
I am in hopes that the new Mummy movie is playing at the local theater.........can you say date night??
So off to do my morning knitting, I have a personal goal of 10 pair of fingerless mitts to complete in the next few days. and get them off to my sister to hopefully "peddle"..
in the mean time,
Knit On.