Sunday, September 16, 2007

Another Sunday gone

What a day! The littlest Grandchildren were baptized today! All three of them! Then the whole family came here for a quick lunch. What a nice day.
Took a quick nap, and then off to the Country Health food store in Pullman, got some spices as I plan on making Green Tomato Relish on Tuesday, the tomatoes have to soak in a brine over night, so I will do that tomorrow.
Tomorrow night, Tim and I are going to the Casco Community Band's concert the last one of the season......always a treat.
Busy busy here......planning already for the Christmas Open House, anything this big has to be planned, or Tim's life is miserable. This year, I may bend and do the cottage and the Victorian trees before----gasp-----Thanksgiving, MAY...........we will see. Those are really the easiest trees as they don't really change much. The rest of the house, well that is a quite different story.
I have completed almost nine pairs of socks for orphans........I wanted to do a dozen, now if I didn't have to work this week at the bank I know I could do it, but I shall give it a valiant try. It has become a personal challenge.
On another note, I am resurrecting the Prayer Shawl Ministry at Casco. Will see how many ladies join in the fun, for me...........another reason to knit!!
Many thing are popping at church, Charge Conference on the 23rd, the Praise Worship on the 26th, the Chicken Dinner on the 29th---work in the Prayer Shawl Ministry in Oct........the Bazaar the first Saturday in November........this looks to be a very busy time for us, here at the Teske home!
Tonight I made pickled cherry tomatoes, they have garlic buds and basil leaves mixed in.....sure look pretty, hope they taste as well as they look...will report on the taste later...
Enough for to make orphan socks!
Knit On!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Tomatoes, salsa.........

all done. Ok for now, 1/2 bushel of tomatoes, green peppers, onions and hot peppers make Marie's Famous Salsa. 40+ cups of it!! All canned and waiting to be carried down to the canning products shelf!!
I had a 1/2 day today and this is what I accomplished! Now just to make it last till next season. Ok maybe not! I have 1/2 bushel still waiting, but they may end up being just tomatoes....hey I can make lots with them!! I forget how much satisfaction is derived from canning....and how much mess........But the kitchen and stove are all back in order.
Not much knitting, or anything else this week, I feel that I have been just drifting along.
Work continues to be work......too bad, it used to be fun. But now it is all about the numbers.....and I don't mean counting the money.
This weekend, if sunny and decent weather is here, I hope Tim and I can finish up some of the outside stuff......or if not paint the entryway. Christmas is coming and I **need** these things done, lol.
In 9 days my nephew is getting married in an outside ceremony, I hope that the weather is just beautiful as some fall evenings can be! The good news is that Tim and I will be able to attend, thru much finagling at work, I will be able to leave early and make it......of course we will have to change in the car, lol. right.
Tomorrow is Knit Night, something I don't want to miss.........I love those gals. Each one is special, but a couple of them, well you know......Some of us are going to be at Boot Camp. Hopefully finances straighten out and give me some flexible income......if not, I won't be able to attend. We will see.........I have to get stuff done here also.
Tim has taken on another job, bless him. He is working for the library 2 nights a week as a maintenance person....he is finally realizing that only he has the flexible schedule and stamina to do this for us. I will continue to find ways to live cheaper, but we do need a little cash to get supplies, lol.
We are going to be taking Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University works if you work at we will try.
Off to read a little, a Susan Wiggs novel and then try to get to sleep at a decent hour.
Knit on!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Hello to a new week!!

Fall is in the air and I love it!! But that also means, we need to be like a squirrel, packing away nuts for the winter, get those outside projects finished!!
Yesterday, Tim found two doors, and a thermopane window! One of the doors will replace our broken windowed back door and the window with some adjustments to the opening, will fit in our bathroom. No more plastic over the window in there, to maintain a comfortable temp! If, we can save the wooden molding around the opening, the project will only have a cost of $4.97!! If we need new molding, only about 15.00 more, so the whole thing might still come in under$20.00-lucky am I that Tim is so handy.
The Littles are here today, off to church soon and then for a time in the afternoon. They were happy to see us. Last evening, we all went to Tim's folks and cut hydragea blossoms for me to dry...........maybe they will be used in this year's Christmas decorating!! Plans for new and different trees are forming in my head as I write, lol.
Yesterday we also visited Aunt Erma-- and her neighbor Curly, let Tim pick over a bushel of ripe tomatoes for me to make my famous homemade Salsa! Hurrah, last year we were unable to make salsa as we did not have a stove, but this year we are ready, even have 24 more jars!
So I am off to make breakfast for the troops, and hope that MY plans for the day are not dismissed!! Take care! Oh, and knit on!

Friday, September 07, 2007

If it were'nt for bad luck.

well, you know the saying. The Ladybug('91 Escort) seems to be better for a time. As for the van, we are hoping that we have found a replacement. It is one I like much much more than the one we currently have, but it is all up to the financing. It has to stay within the budget.
On a up note, Knit nite was last night and after much trying, I was finally able to make it. I needed to be there........I did not accomplish much knitting, but I sure did feel much better after being there.
Having to work on Saturday will mean a shorter weekend for me, but I had better get used to it as I will be working lots of Saturdays in the upcoming months. Sigh.
So I will just have to pick one project per weekend and go with it! This weekend I would like it to be my homemade salsa! Have to get those tomatoes while I can! Of to fight the war of banking!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The last day of vacation

is today. Tomorrow it is back to the weekly grind, sigh.
Wait! there is knit night and plenty of weekend things to do!
Today I hope and plan to finish up two projects, number one, the computer room's new day bed's throw pillows and new valances!! And to make up new curtains for the bathroom. Planning for winter, it seems strange as it is to be in the 80's today, but I am thinking ahead.

Nothing else on the planbook, but I am sure to get so knitting in and maybe, just maybe some Christmas gift planning also! Never too early..........I know, I know, my family members already have afghans/throws............I will try to find something unique. One thing I know for sure is that this weekend coming up I need to get that bushel of tomatoes and make salsa!
Have a great day readers.........all one or two of you!