Sunday, June 29, 2008

A long week over

New Job, old job, new(to me) car, Bible School, Angel Food distribution........whew.......I am beat.
Started a new sweater for Charlie Ann, going quickly, it had better her birthday is July 13. She will be 2!!!
The littles went to Bible School all last week, Kendra went to camp on Sunday-my last day working for the library, so Mom and Dad(!) took her! I picked her up on Tuesday afternoon in the new to me 2002 PT Cruiser. I love this car!!
Light Almond Pearl with taupe leather interior, sun roof, talk about being spoiled.
But now I am safely traveling to my new job. Only worked one day, but it was great!

Tim is working on getting the new front entrance finished up, maybe by Tuesday.
Then he wants to create a deck space in the back yard.
The 4th of July is Friday and we are having a cook-0ut!! Probably only the usuals, but still a fun time, especially knowing that I won't have to work any of the weekend!!!!! YAHOO!!!

So I needed to get some thing posted to let my fans know what I am up to, or not.
I cleaned out the littles clothing here today, 2 plus boxes of outgrown clothes. I hope to donate them to a ministry which just gives clothing to needy. As I and Mom purchased most from the Goodwill or Thrift stores, I feel right to just let the next kids just have them. Many of them are still like new! So they should bring smiles to little faces.
Knit on, I plan to.....

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sunny Saturday morning

that's what I woke up to!
Even tho the mid part of my day will be spent inside the library, I am looking forward to a great weekend.
The Littles will be coming this afternoon, Kendra will be going to camp tomorrow. I wish I could take her, but Rachel will and it is right that she do so.
I will pick her up on Tuesday, what an adventure for her! 7 years old and her first camp!
Tim is happy about me finding a new job, he thinks I need to pull my share, right like I did not do that during the past 6 months!
I have many things to get back in order, funny not having a strict schedule, some things got put aside, lol. But it won't take long to get back to ship-shape!
Off to do one of my two last days and take in the letter to make it official.
Knit on---I plan to do so tonight!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Another Chapter is coming to a close

Appropriate from a "librarian" don't you think?
Last week on Friday I was contacted by an old friend, did I want to consider working for him??
Full time with benefits?? Only kicker was I would have to drive 30 way. But it is all expressway.
So I interviewed for the job. Was told they would call me on Thursday...and they did..did I want it? Yah, you betcha!
So today is the hard part. Telling my home care employer, I will miss my elders, but not the secondhand smoke at the one persons home-I tell you it is so thick that I need a shower when I am done there! And as for my gentleman, well, I do feel badly about him, he trusts and likes me. I hope he understands it is only about the money. Not him.
I will also have to tell someone from the library board. This ain't gonna be fun. Since the director has moved on there is Chaos reigning! I just wanted to do a job, a good job. Every day it seemed my position was diminshed further. I was hired to be the Youth Librarian, and I felt yesterday to be just a little above a Page-high school students who re-shelve books. Not that I am above shelving books, but when I am told a 20 year old spoiled arrogant child is "in charge"-not the message I had received just 5 days before! Well, it is time to move on.
So I will work the weekend, and be done, figure it out. I am moving on. Only one story time-will need to have someone cover it, maybe two...guess the "summer college student" can do that too!
So I am going to look at books on CD, better than radio for my drive??? Since driving will cut into my reading time and my knitting time, maybe lunch hours will be dedicated to that!
But no weekends, Paid Holidays, Paid bennies........well I gotta go!
As for the driving, well, I drove almost as much doing the two jobs! And this will be way, stop for the day, and then one way home.
So off to do errands, but first knit.
Knit on!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Saturday finally

And today still finds many things to do, Prayer Shawl meeting, cleaning house, cleaning up the remainders of last week's basement flood, curtains to make, blinds to hang. Ok way too much to do, as usual. But plug thru I will, but I will not forget to make time to knit or be fun!
We watched no less than 2 DVDs last week-Untraceable and Mad Money.........both worthy of viewing.
I am starting to think of Christmas, don't laugh, knitters must think ahead-somewhat. I have great plans for gifts right now!!! Again this year Christmas will be focused on people not money.
What are the thoughts on Blueberry jam or Blueberry Salsa????
My friend Cherrie and I are planning on being at the FiberFest in Allegan for a couple of quiet days..knitting, looking absorbing the Fiber World. I really want to do this, it will be help August 16-17--now that would be my Saturday and Sunday to work at the Library, but in that I have to work the weekend of Jan's knit-away.........I will have to let them know on Tuesday, I am unable to work the fiberfest weekend. Now to just let Tim know, lol. He too loves FiberFest, but maybe he can come and visit? Afterall, blueberries will be in and he should be busy.
My Littles will have to do without Grandma that weekend.........I need to be there!!
At present my yarn budget is at a close. I have only one skein of Americana sock yarn in the drawer on hold at Friends of Wool. What great ladies to do this-hold items until the funds come in for the buyers. For me it has been a wonderful thing.
I have to get hustling on knitting for Christmas........and planning too!
I still want to knit up that nativity, better get those sticks clicking!
Yesterday my business day ended with and interesting phone call to my home.........interesting is all I am saying for now. But it could be life altering, in any case, it was heart changing. More in the days to come.
So while there aren't any pictures, that washer is calling my name, sigh, soon I will post a few of the wedding and others-probably socks, lol.
in the mean time...............
Knit On.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I am home

They are married, Mom is back to her home, doing laundry and I am pooped.
tomorrow back to the work grind. The librarian at the library where my new job is has moved on....wonder what that means for those left behind?? --hopefully not too much "change".
A look at Douglas and Charlie Ann looking for Grandma in the LasVegas Airport.

Here I am seeing my son for the first time in 5 years-at the LasVegas airport!
Still makes me cry!

Will have more pictures and stories later, I am tired and need a nap!