Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sunny, but

still kind of cool in the mornings. About 35 degrees! and not too warming in the day times either.
only about 55. Soon enough we will be kabitzing about how hot it is!
I have finished yet another pair of moc croc socks, I have to get the camera near the computer and get those photos posted here!
In two short weeks now we will be in Vegas! While it is good to know that, it is also alarming, there is always soooooooo much to do before going away for a little time. The fact that Rachel and Jim will be here keeping the dogs makes it alot easier.
Mom is here today and we are going to plant flowers at the gravesites. Then a wedding reception this afternoon and the Littles after that.
Another busy weekend!
Knit on, when you get the chance or be like me and just take it!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

And the thunder rolls!

Tim gave me a goodbye hug and kiss, but I was too warm and comfortable to get out of bed. Wrong! Shortly after he left, Cinnamon, my red doxie starts to cry. And then the thunder and lighting came rolling thru. Only about half an hour, but these sounds are not comforting to me!
Seems to be a break right now, whew.
I work "all day" at the library today, I hope the days all go as quickly as they have been. I am planning on firming up the adult portion of the summer reading challenge today.
It's official, gas was $3.99 yesterday, sigh. With the gas hog I have to drive it will be very expensive to keep her on the road. But on the road I must go!
Hoping that our neighbor gets a piece of land turned for a summer garden soon. I would like us to be able to turn the soil some before we plant. I also plan on looking for some canning jars, I can do that and it seems if everything is rising in costs, well, I should.
Today I am going to print out my list of things to pack and place it up in the suitcase. It's official(lots of official stuff here today,huh?) I am going to start to pack!!
I did move and leave the furniture in the living room. Tim does not like it, sorry but for the summer it is going to stay! Looks lots more open to me and I miss being able to move furniture. I always moved it frequently when I was single, I like to keep it interesting.
Off to do the mandatory morning knit!
Knit on.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Only 15 days til we leave for LasVegas!! Douglas is so excited, he talks to me almost everyday(sometimes twice a day!) with plans and such.
I only want to make it thru the upcoming weekend. Momma is the house must be House Beautiful perfect, no knitting bags, no skeins of wayward yarn, no pile of magazines!
Busy, busy, who did I think I was getting a job? Oh that's right, Mr. Bill who visits via the mailbox thought I needed a J, O, B. How did I ever work full time before??
Today I am concerned about the property surrounding ours. The women who own it have big ideas, a horse pasture, horse barn, carriage house(garage with living quarters above) and a main house, not to mention a 4 car garage for her "business". This property was originally 11 acres.
We purchased 2.5 acres, the southwest corner. The business is north of us, the pasture will be to the east and the buildings.....mostly spattered to the east. Way too much building for my opinion. Why buy in the country and build next to the existing homeowners. The fact that this is Tim's boss does not make it easier. Originally, they were only to build a house and garage.......sigh. With the economy in Michigan what it is, well we couldn't sell if we wanted to.
My main concern is horses, no I don't like them. And I don't believe they will keep it clean. It will smell here at times and there will be horse flies. I don't care what they claim, we have lived next to horses before and I know it will.
Ok enough of to move furniture in the livingroom, Tim says it is fine, but I want to see if it would work another way, oh and there is that work thing to do today too!
in the meantime, if you have time,
Knit on.

Friday, May 09, 2008


Only 2 hours to work today, in my Home Care field and 6.5 tomorrow and I have the weekend off.
Right, the littles will be here after I finish working tomorrow, and Tim is hosting a chicken dinner at church. busy, busy weekend here in our house!
I have a little to knit on for my last Mother's Day giftie and then I can post pics!
in the mean time........................
Knit On.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

And so it goes..

the price of gas, that is. I am thankful that my 2 part-time jobs are within 10 miles of home.
expected prices of $4.00, well that just cuts out any extra trips, anywhere. Careful planning every time one gets in their car. But at this time, I won't be giving up knitting on Thursday!
IF the time comes that I must cut back, well, it will be to every other, but I don't want to do that.
I have been busy, too busy it seems, I have gotten a little knitting done, but can't post pics yet. It takes me a little while and I have to be out of here earlier than originally planned this morning.
Trust me, I have gotten in most of my knitting time.
Off to get ready for my first full day at the library, I shall feel like a bird with clipped wings after all this freedom for the last few months? We will see.
In the mean time.........
Knit on.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

go to the Wedding shoes!

Ok I am going to try and get the picture where I want it, if it doesn't work, well, they are destined to be on the top..for now.
OK!! I was able to move it!! Hurrah for being stubborn and wanting to figure this out for myself!
the shoes are a satin fabric with embroidery and cut outs, rubber soles, so we don't have to worry about me being ungraceful.
Oh, in my last post I forgot to tell about the Sunday potluck and auction...
Tim and I got to church early, 9 am to get stuff arranged on tables as it came in for the after church, after potluck auction. And did stuff come in.
Church starts, Tim doesn't sing in the choir as he feels really crappy, so I sing, but after the anthem, I go down to sit in then pew with Tim. He starts coughing and gagging so out he runs. I sit there awhile and then I go out, as I am sure the dining hall needs attention-read here tables and chairs. Yes, it does, sigh. So we start setting up additional, with another's help. Then we get the food out, cut if needed, table ware, plates, make up the punch all of that this time I am steaming, I am not the only person on the finance committee..........there are at least 9 others, where are they?? And where is the chairperson?? So church ends, everyone comes rushing out to eat-of course. I am really ticked off that the chairperson is so unaware of his needing to be helping that I basically go off!! Tell him, I won't be counting the offering, and he will be cleaning up as I am done.
The auction begins and guess who is to be the person writing down the purchase and the cashier??Yep. me.
We get thru it, that's the long story short. Disappointingly, my perfect little felted purse went with an end of auction clear the table sweep..for about $3-I won't do that again. and here is the one which is most disappointing for us, the 2 night stay in our cottage, value $160- went for $25. A box of cookies went for $20-so next time I will just bake cookies. Or not.

It has taken until last night for me to get rid of my feeling on this auction and the lack of participation of the other members of the committee, enough so that I may not be attending the next meeting..........I am still ticked, just trying not to let it rule me.
Off to grab a quick nap before my day begins, officially!
Knit on.

Nevada here we come!

Yesterday, Tim took the day off and we went on a mini-vacation!

Ok it was just a trip to South Bend, but we figured out we had not been there in 5 years!

We just meandered our way there, stopping if we wanted anywhere.

The main purpose of our trip you ask? To shop! I had been given -very generously-a gift card to Penney's as a birthday gift. We know the one there has the best selection of clothing, in my size. So off we went...I was exhausted!! I tried on clothing for 2.5 hours!! But success!!

2 pair of khakis, and 3 tops! Plus a little left on my card!! enough for another trip? Or just a jaunt to Holland. We will see!

Then we went off to Sears, to look at a red grill-living in a dream world, as it is on sale for $279.00, But, I was swept off into Tim's dream, so off we went. The grill is huge, half the size of our LadyBug-'91 escort. And the top doesn't match the rest of the grill, not a pretty site!

But, I did find my go to the wedding shoes! Comfy and on sale!

So then we wound our way home stopping at a Goodwill, and what did we find?

This little dress, which may well be Charlie Ann's go to the wedding find. Poor Deja, she is having a time finding the right dress. And the right dress it must be!! So I will be sending this off after I launder and press it today, to California! If nothing else, it will be a back up, or we will bring it back home for Colee, who will love it as it is "purple", lol.
So, that is what happened yesterday, but let's look back, Movie night was a bust! No one came, but Tim, myself, the Pastor and one guy and his teenage daughter, as they are friends of ours, we figure it was only out of mercy they did come. So we cancelled and we came home. I finished up the remaining things I wanted to do in the cottage and went to bed.
Saturday morning came too early, Tim off to the church by 7, me scurrying to finish getting ready, projects, I must have projects to knit on!
At 7:45 am, true to her word, my friend, Barb came. She brought a breakfast casserole, her spinning wheel, and knitting projects...the Knit-Away-Day had begun! Shortly afterwords, Cherrie drove in with a full trunk!! Projects and all! Now the fun really began!
In all 20 women came and we had a wonderful, bonding, prize winning time! As promised, there were lots and lots of prizes. And tossed stash on the bed to be exchanged!
There was talk of an annual event!(Cherrie and I knew this would probably be the outcome!) Wait someone says, we need to do this twice a year, no quarterly says another. Now you and I know it is a busy world and for women to steal a few hours once a week to knit, it makes some feel guilty(not me!). But, to let family and friends know that they will be doing that weekly and also attend a day retreat once every three months, especially in Summer or Holiday time, Well I am of the opinion they won't. But one in Spring and one in Fall, now that could happen!
All I do know is that, We ALL had a great time!! Laughed, knit, hugged and ate and ate and ate, lol. It was a success!
Knit on...