Thursday, December 27, 2007

so the laundry,

is almost done! Then of course tonight there will be more.
Talked to Momma today and she is making plans for Saturday's Christmas for the family. I feel so bad she got to crying as my youngest sister lives there with her husband, 2 kids(6 & 2) a dog, a cat and they have taken in the daycare persons dog for 2 weeks also, anyway, back to the tears. Mom does not feel well, and they seem to think since she is home she should take care of the kids for them while the sitter is is too much for her.
Wish I was closer, they could PAY me to take care of them, and leave Mom alone!
We will be taking the "Littles" and Alex along on Saturday, I hope for it to be a fun time. Last of our Christmas's here........then the daunting task of dismantling the trees and alll of the decorations, but unemployed, I will have time to do that!
Off to knit for a time, I have a pair of fingerless mitts to finish up before Friday evening. and to wrap the gifts for Saturday.
Tonight is Knit Nite, the highlight of MY week!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

and so the search begins

today I emailed a resume for a job.......not a career, just a job.
That is all I need, if I could find a way to make money and stay home, I would do it in a heartbeat! While the fact that there is no paycheck coming is a big dark cloud looming, I do like being home. No I haven't organized those closets, cupboards or the craft room. Nor have I managed to finish up the laundry, maybe tomorrow. If Tim would quit changing clothes, I could! LOL.
So we made it thru the Christmas Day festivities, Tim seemed disappointed, but he usually is after our trip to his parents. There is no explaining how that works, but dysfunctional is a starting place....
So he has gone back to work, me I went back to the couch until 9:30.....that has got to stop.
Sorted thru some junk as the refuse company is coming tomorrow, and started on the routine stuff.
But I need to log in daily-at some time-to look for a job. Until this unemployment $ starts coming I am very, very nervous. I have never had to do this and wonder how it will all work.
We are still recovering from the lack of electricity, apparently we picked up nothing for the time we were trying to be warm...but that is resolved now.
So off to plan for supper...leftovers, or steak>>>>no choice for me, leftovers!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Electricity is Wonderful

we had been without power from 8 am on Sunday to 1pm Monday
we had horrible winds and zip it went.
we fared pretty well, no harsh words over being cold.

it only got as low as 45 around the edges, good thing we know how to build and maintain a fire.
I made sausage, peppers, onions and potatoes for supper on the top of the wood stove
In the morning I boiled eggs- gotta make potato salad for Teskes Christmas night, but no worry about that now~!
So now it is Christmas morning, and as usual, I have stocking stuff and the kids presents to wrap. Until the outage I was pretty much on target........oh well, maybe next year!
Happy Christmas to all!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

It's c-o-m-i-n-g!!!!

I as the little girl excited about Christmas!!
Yesterday I found, in the basement, a box containing our STOCKINGS! It had been lost for 2 years, and I figured Tim had just discarded of the contents, because it was important to me.
I was wrong, I tell you! There was my stocking and all of the other stockings we last used in Holland. We hang them for everyone who will be here on Christmas day. (I don't hang Douglas' as he won't be coming, I just had a thought..........maybe I should start hanging his!) And most important........................drum roll if you very first homemade Christmas ornament! Yes, that clump of sawdust mixed with Elmer's glue.......with the red and green string to hold it up, that I made in Kindergarten. It has hung on every single tree since I proudly brought it home, except for last year. I tell you finding these was/is an omen. For better things to come. If the sawdust clump is on the tree, the upcoming year has to be better!
Today I sing at church, The Carol of the Mother.
A soft melodic song, a lullaby.........I wish the director of music had taken a little more time to practice with me, but she must have confidence in my style.
So off to get the day started!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas is coming.......

in 3 days!
Today thru the gift of friends, I was able to do some shopping, and carefully I parted with my dollars. My Littles, will be excited with the choices which will be under our tree. I even got my own Personal Scrooge a gift or two.........he will be sharing them as I may label them from Santa. For truly the spirit of good will and love has enabled me to be able to purchase them.
Tonight, DH surprised me and is taking me to see the newest Nicholas Cage, National Treasure movie, don't get all worried that we are blowing money, it is a whopping eleven dollars for the both of us to go, have popcorn and pop! He informs me it will be my only Christmas present, as he has chosen not to get me anything, my heart is heavy thinking that, he could have not said it and fluffed thru.........filled my stocking with fruit, pudding or even a bottle of Coke, but he doesn't seem to be able to think outside of the box. Oh well, he will someday learn from my isn't about how much you spend, it's about how much thought you had finding the just right gift.
So do not worry about me he will get the hint!
I still have some things to knit up---yikes there is a storm coming and Tim says the littles may just be spending Saturday night(as usual to go to Sunday service), Sunday and maybe the night, if the weather is bad! So there will go my wrapping I had better re-think my Saturday morning..I can always knit while they are here, they think I only knit for poor children and orphans anyway, lol.
Tomorrow night we will have a birthday cake for Kendra! She was 7 on Thursday! Of course it doesn't seem possible that so many years have passed since that little doll was born.
So off to the movies......and on to the blessed Season.
Christmas love to all who read!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wednesdays are wonderful days.

I am very blessed in my life to have wonderful friends who love me warts and all. I already knew that my family did but to have these ladies show it really helps.
My Dear friends, in no particular order, Barb, Kathy, Ann, Daryl and Mary have all in their own way shown me- that it is a good life.
Barb stopped by today as I was making soup, bean and chicken vegetable, and rolls and blueberry cobbler for our gift for the Praise Worship dinner. She and I had great fun messing up the kitchen and sampling the soups!
Kathy and Mary have supported me on the phone, Daryl and my dear Ann have sent me the best cards in the mail-all of the support is helping me to realize I do give, I do matter...
don't worry my friends, I will bounce back, it may take a little time, but at this wonderful time of year, I will shine again.
Off to take out the cobbler...looks yummy so far.........

Monday, December 17, 2007

And so it goes

Filed for that today, tomorrow an eye appt, Friday the dentist...
Wednesday is PRAISE at church........soup supper with rolls compliments of the Teske household. Ok just me as Tim is doing nothing to help, this is not going to be a gripe session, but since I am not working and have no value to him-so it feels-I am the house Christmas here for me I am told. Well ,buddy boy, that swings both ways, tho my heart is not that hard and never could be.
Tim is so focused about money and complaining about not being able to take a vacation, hello........what about your hurting spouse.
I am sorry Reader, I am just having a couple of poor little ole me days, they will pass.
but I am sad! Hurt and rejected and I need support
Will have to find it else where, in prayer and calls to Mom and Mima who always love me bestest.
On a good note, only 2 loads of eternal laundry to finish. and then I really have to hustle on the Christmas present scene and Kendra's birthday, wonder if I have a cake mix to bake a birthday cake for next week??
Take back the pop bottles and get one!!My allowance is 10 dollars...........honestly that is not enough for gas! So I will just give him a grocery list for things and if they don't appear........then we will do without.
Bad day in marie's life.......but I am healthy and have lots of pretty string to knit or some to cross stitch with too.........and stamping stuff!!
Hey and I have beads, and bracelets to make and a white elephant to find, what could I part with??
Made 2 1-hour hats for the project at FOW...up to 4 to take on Thursday....
So off to knit and let my heart sing with each stitch!

And so it goes


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Rain, Ice and no snow?

Can it really be early December? It is raining, sleeting and messying out.
As luck would have it, at least for my having to drive, I am at home
Today the plan is to create more Christmas gifts.
One day at a time, looking toward "tomorrow" and I don't mean literally tomorrow, just ahead.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The Annual Open House was a Success!!

After much activity, the Open House on Sunday the 2nd, came off without a hitch! Ok one hitch, we forgot to put out the shrimp! So we have that in the freezer still, lol.
All decorated and filled to the brim with friends and family we kicked off the Holiday Season. There were about 130 people who came out in the rainy dreary weather to join in the fun. And fun we all had, from ages 2-92!!
My knitting gals came and their faces were all aglow! They even sat and knitted for a time, I wish I would have had the time to sit and knit a spell with them. I am sure we will talk about it somemore on this upcoming Thursday. I love the fact that people feel so at home here and that everyone, or most everyone, wants to either stay in the cottage or here in the main house with us!
The Littles were perfect, only one incident where our Kendra fell, scraped her knee and tore her tights-not a bad scrape, but a good lesson in that her new out of the package tights were ruined and she was so proud of them. That's ok tights can be bought new, but our Kendra can not be replaced.
I must also give kudos to not only my sister, Mima and her DH, Chuck but Mom also, the all pitched in and got it not only "on the table" but kept it so.
The rest of the week I am on vacation, yes, after the fact. Much to DH's dismay, I chose to take the time off after, not before, as I explained, if I took it off before, I would have to work everyday!!
Yesterday was a many nap day, after Mom left at 10 they started and I think I had a total of 4 or more........and still fell asleep before 10:30 pm. This morning I feel more like me! Off to do the mandatory morning knit.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

So Mom is here...

and so is the Thanksgiving holiday!!
Countdown to the open house is also here.
Tim is still painting and painting.......just finish already.
Who am I to talk, I have curtains to finish up and stuff to stash away.
and decorations and decorations and decorations to drag in and place.
Let the fun begin.
I have to be at a certain point by Sunday evening and I just at this time don't see
it happening....but I do know in my heart it will.
This morning when I let the dogs out, I saw snow in the air.
IN the air is where I hope it will stay!
Off to sit for a spell.
Working on the Professor Harold Hill method, the Think method.
Where if you think about it it will happen...from The Music Man.
I am thankful for all my family and friends.
I wish with all my heart my children could see fit to be loving and caring
and home for the holidays, but that is broken in them for now.
Perhaps one day, I will see them again.
Off to tea and an afghan!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Thanksgiving and beyond

Here in our home we have much to be thankful for-health, jobs, family, a great house, the list goes on and on.
In the next 10 days, ok not really counting the next 4, because I refuse to decorate before the day after Thanksgiving, things will be getting crazy here!
Our annual Celebration of the Holiday Season is on Dec. 2 from 1-6pm. We will be all decorated and ready to go, by hopefully the Friday night before....that means in a total of 8 days the whole house will be transformed into a Christmas home. Now that wouldn't be so hard, except, we actually have to work at our jobs, Tim has painting, plastering and building projects to complete PRIOR to being able to decorate certain rooms. I have some papering and sewing projects to complete also..........YIKES! And here is the kicker, our "littles", our young grandchildren, who spend(and have since the first of the year) will be spending the weekend here. ONLY Saturday night and part of Sunday (the 24th and 25th) but they will be back the evening of the 1st. So everything HAS to be decorated by then, only refreshments and tiny and I mean very tiny details to complete.
It should be very interesting, very interesting. Between Tim and I we have given out over 150 invitations and we have a list to mail and some yet to give away...we are soooo ambitious.
To top it off, Tim has taken a part time Santa position, only Friday the 23rd, Sunday the 25th and then not again until after the open house, so I will need to plan very carefully when I need his help.
I am hoping to get Mom to help with decorating the cottage, as that is where she stays when she is over. Maybe we can get those on target by Saturday the 24th, and the Victorian tree that day also as the littles could help decorate it.
It should be interesting.
Along with that tidbit, I think I am safe in posting that the position I applied for last week, is to be mine. Alas, no more money, but a move away from the team leader who is so disrespectful. Honestly, most of the time I don't care, but last Saturday, he cut me to the quick and I cried all the way home. I hate that I let his snide nasty comment hurt me, usually I am thicker skinned than that! So this week I wil try to avoid any and all conservation with him. I do know that I am getting really burned out, I have worked 6 Saturdays in a row, with this upcoming Saturday to be my Last in the Douglas branch. That means 7 weeks I have worked 6 days a week. I never would have applied for this job in Fennville, but for that. The other gals are totally capable of working 2 on, 1 off, but tooo selfish to work as a team. So this team player chose to look elsewhere. I do believe that I can do what I do at Fenville's branch. It is a different branch as the locale is somewhat different than Douglas. We will see..........I am on vacation for a week starting Dec 3, so when I leave work on the 30th at 1, I won't be returning to the Douglas branch.

Of course this could change as the bank seems to always manipulate employees lives as much as they can legally do.
OK enough on that! I have gotten up way too early and have way too much to do today, so I think I will lay on the couch for awhile................................and maybe catch a quick nap.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

So Tomorrow is the day,

that I interview for the lateral move job. Not any closer to home, probably not more money, but hopefully a better atmosphere with co-workers. The bank was sooooo busy today that I never got a chance to properly finish my application, but I will take a resume with me. What will be will "chances" were better before another gal in my own office applied also. She would save 17 miles driving a day.........I wish I could be bigger hearted, but I do so want out of the control freak's reach. It could be better and it could be worse, any way it goes I should still have a job.
Yesterday was a federal holiday, meaning a day off...........I accomplished nothing, ok I did knit and watch Lifetime movies, lol. I am almost done knitting the shawlette that I purchased yarn for last Thursday. I am extremely disappointed, it was to be a wine colored blend, chosen with the shop owners expertise, while I like the fiber and the pattern it is knitting up purple to my minds eye. I will take the dress and they project back to the shop on Thursday. As I will have at least one skein to return, I may look to see if there is another color-wine this time.
I am excited to report that our church's women's bazaar the first weekend in November will be allowing outside participation next year. I wrote a letter to the committee and suggested and offered to help with the details, only with my experience leading the project was it approved, for ONE year........uh, huh... that's right, but with this stick in the mud group that is a real bend!
Off to bed, I am tired, go figure only 2 CSRs(teller) to work the day after a closed Monday, I swear they are trying to kill us off!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Ok, ok.........I'm writing already!

Another 1/2 day, had lunch with Tim, good ole' boy joint, and a chuck wagon with fries!
Then over to Fennville to visit my friend Stacy, who is the team leader there. I got a tour of the Fennville facilities.
Then to South Haven, hit a thrift store, Walmart and frying pan, no shade, but did get some of the items on my list. Including supplies for the newest giftie thing I am creating.
Then home for supper and church choir. I have been asked to sing a solo for Christmas...guess the old gal still can sing!
Finished up the prayer shawl I was working on last month, as I challenged the women who came to the PS ministry meeting last month, I figured I had better deliver the goods this weekend when we meet again.
I have already started another with some of the yarn stash I acquired thru thrift shopping.
A beautiful deep red color, Red Heart clouds I think, it will make a durable and soft shawl.
While it is wonderful to knit with the "fancier" yarns at the shops, I do think for prayer shawls, it is the prayer, and the softness that make the shawl, not designer yarns.
So there you have it, some of the things I am thinking and doing, not much, work and come home.
Oh I did go to the library also!! But no Mary...........gone for a conference Tim tells me........maybe next time.
Knit On.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat!!

Today was a half day at the bank for me! Yeah! I went to Kendra's school and participated in helping with the party. I was there for the time they went outside and the whole school walked in a parade. She was so happy, big, big smiles to see her Grandma. It just made my day!
Tim(my warrior, who made skull soup for students today, lol) will be home shortly and we will be going to run a couple of errands together. Have to be back quickly as trick or treat will start and we may get the neighbor kids! Maybe Jim will stop with the grandkids also, but as they came to see Kendra, I got pics of Tristand and Colee also.
Tomorrow is the first of November.........only 32 days til the Open House, the good thing is we aren't planning a Thanksgiving dinner, but Tim says we may go out! His folks aren't coming, I won't be inviting Rachel and all, I figure we will have the littles at least for Friday and the weekend after Thanksgiving so we may do the cooking then. Mom is planning on coming over, so she says ok by her to go out!
Back to the Open House, December 2............used to seem so far away..........much to do. Mostly putting the "blocks back in to the box", if you know what I mean...I will be knitting gifts throughout the month of November for Christmas, and plan on what else creative and unique to do for gifts in that time also.
Tim home off we go!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Hot days, time away and a bummer!

This past weekend, my DH, Tim and I went Beulah!! We spent the night on Crystal Lake at the resort........beee-u-tee-full. On Saturday we "wended" our way to Leland and went to the Fiber Fest there!! Quite different than the one at the Allegan Fair grounds in August. Mostly finished items.......but very, very interesting. Of course I found a hank of yarn at Briar Rose's booth and got a shawl kit at Mary Turk?s gonna be a webby gauzy turquoise.
We met up with friends and spent the rest of the day with them, went to the Early Bird for lunch then off to Fishtown, what a cute place. Then we drove up to Sutton's Bay, more shopping and looking.........poor DH by this time his allergies were acting up and he was miserable. But being a trooper, he kept on. We ate supper at Boones, good eats there too! Even tho the weather was HOT, it was a great time.
Then back to our room in Beulah....after a nights sleep we headed home. I think we stopped in every turn out there was...very pretty. Saw the Point Betsie Lighthouse and lots of water and colored leaves, a very nice weekend, Thank you Tim.

Now for the bummer, my puter is at the dr......sigh. The modem went in a storm and they are fixing that and virus and stuff.............can't they come virus proof???? For Grandmas!?
any way in a day or two I will be back online at home.
I am anxious to be on line as I just checked and I have been accepted into Ravelry ! Let the fun begin!
In the meantime I am working on Christmas presents..........elves gotta knit all year round you know!
Knit On!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Another Sunday gone

What a day! The littlest Grandchildren were baptized today! All three of them! Then the whole family came here for a quick lunch. What a nice day.
Took a quick nap, and then off to the Country Health food store in Pullman, got some spices as I plan on making Green Tomato Relish on Tuesday, the tomatoes have to soak in a brine over night, so I will do that tomorrow.
Tomorrow night, Tim and I are going to the Casco Community Band's concert the last one of the season......always a treat.
Busy busy here......planning already for the Christmas Open House, anything this big has to be planned, or Tim's life is miserable. This year, I may bend and do the cottage and the Victorian trees before----gasp-----Thanksgiving, MAY...........we will see. Those are really the easiest trees as they don't really change much. The rest of the house, well that is a quite different story.
I have completed almost nine pairs of socks for orphans........I wanted to do a dozen, now if I didn't have to work this week at the bank I know I could do it, but I shall give it a valiant try. It has become a personal challenge.
On another note, I am resurrecting the Prayer Shawl Ministry at Casco. Will see how many ladies join in the fun, for me...........another reason to knit!!
Many thing are popping at church, Charge Conference on the 23rd, the Praise Worship on the 26th, the Chicken Dinner on the 29th---work in the Prayer Shawl Ministry in Oct........the Bazaar the first Saturday in November........this looks to be a very busy time for us, here at the Teske home!
Tonight I made pickled cherry tomatoes, they have garlic buds and basil leaves mixed in.....sure look pretty, hope they taste as well as they look...will report on the taste later...
Enough for to make orphan socks!
Knit On!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Tomatoes, salsa.........

all done. Ok for now, 1/2 bushel of tomatoes, green peppers, onions and hot peppers make Marie's Famous Salsa. 40+ cups of it!! All canned and waiting to be carried down to the canning products shelf!!
I had a 1/2 day today and this is what I accomplished! Now just to make it last till next season. Ok maybe not! I have 1/2 bushel still waiting, but they may end up being just tomatoes....hey I can make lots with them!! I forget how much satisfaction is derived from canning....and how much mess........But the kitchen and stove are all back in order.
Not much knitting, or anything else this week, I feel that I have been just drifting along.
Work continues to be work......too bad, it used to be fun. But now it is all about the numbers.....and I don't mean counting the money.
This weekend, if sunny and decent weather is here, I hope Tim and I can finish up some of the outside stuff......or if not paint the entryway. Christmas is coming and I **need** these things done, lol.
In 9 days my nephew is getting married in an outside ceremony, I hope that the weather is just beautiful as some fall evenings can be! The good news is that Tim and I will be able to attend, thru much finagling at work, I will be able to leave early and make it......of course we will have to change in the car, lol. right.
Tomorrow is Knit Night, something I don't want to miss.........I love those gals. Each one is special, but a couple of them, well you know......Some of us are going to be at Boot Camp. Hopefully finances straighten out and give me some flexible income......if not, I won't be able to attend. We will see.........I have to get stuff done here also.
Tim has taken on another job, bless him. He is working for the library 2 nights a week as a maintenance person....he is finally realizing that only he has the flexible schedule and stamina to do this for us. I will continue to find ways to live cheaper, but we do need a little cash to get supplies, lol.
We are going to be taking Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University works if you work at we will try.
Off to read a little, a Susan Wiggs novel and then try to get to sleep at a decent hour.
Knit on!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Hello to a new week!!

Fall is in the air and I love it!! But that also means, we need to be like a squirrel, packing away nuts for the winter, get those outside projects finished!!
Yesterday, Tim found two doors, and a thermopane window! One of the doors will replace our broken windowed back door and the window with some adjustments to the opening, will fit in our bathroom. No more plastic over the window in there, to maintain a comfortable temp! If, we can save the wooden molding around the opening, the project will only have a cost of $4.97!! If we need new molding, only about 15.00 more, so the whole thing might still come in under$20.00-lucky am I that Tim is so handy.
The Littles are here today, off to church soon and then for a time in the afternoon. They were happy to see us. Last evening, we all went to Tim's folks and cut hydragea blossoms for me to dry...........maybe they will be used in this year's Christmas decorating!! Plans for new and different trees are forming in my head as I write, lol.
Yesterday we also visited Aunt Erma-- and her neighbor Curly, let Tim pick over a bushel of ripe tomatoes for me to make my famous homemade Salsa! Hurrah, last year we were unable to make salsa as we did not have a stove, but this year we are ready, even have 24 more jars!
So I am off to make breakfast for the troops, and hope that MY plans for the day are not dismissed!! Take care! Oh, and knit on!

Friday, September 07, 2007

If it were'nt for bad luck.

well, you know the saying. The Ladybug('91 Escort) seems to be better for a time. As for the van, we are hoping that we have found a replacement. It is one I like much much more than the one we currently have, but it is all up to the financing. It has to stay within the budget.
On a up note, Knit nite was last night and after much trying, I was finally able to make it. I needed to be there........I did not accomplish much knitting, but I sure did feel much better after being there.
Having to work on Saturday will mean a shorter weekend for me, but I had better get used to it as I will be working lots of Saturdays in the upcoming months. Sigh.
So I will just have to pick one project per weekend and go with it! This weekend I would like it to be my homemade salsa! Have to get those tomatoes while I can! Of to fight the war of banking!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The last day of vacation

is today. Tomorrow it is back to the weekly grind, sigh.
Wait! there is knit night and plenty of weekend things to do!
Today I hope and plan to finish up two projects, number one, the computer room's new day bed's throw pillows and new valances!! And to make up new curtains for the bathroom. Planning for winter, it seems strange as it is to be in the 80's today, but I am thinking ahead.

Nothing else on the planbook, but I am sure to get so knitting in and maybe, just maybe some Christmas gift planning also! Never too early..........I know, I know, my family members already have afghans/throws............I will try to find something unique. One thing I know for sure is that this weekend coming up I need to get that bushel of tomatoes and make salsa!
Have a great day readers.........all one or two of you!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Vacations are never long enough.

Today marks the only day Tim and I will actually be alone.
We have done some of the things we planned, but Alex was here, and that changed some of the plans.
On Tuesday we had a great day in Lansing and seeing was a good day. I scored a few balls of yarn for my blue crayon jacket project... have to get busy on the pink one so as to start the blue one.
Today we are off to the Four Winds, probably within the hour!! Not being gamblers, I am not sure why, but we want to see it. We are each armed with a roll of quarters!
Tomorrow, Alex is back and so are the littles. Plus Tim's mol...........for the weekend.....and thru Monday. So back to the full house, which as of yet, does not have the "projects" done.
So even tho projects shout our names, we are going adventuring!

Friday, August 24, 2007


Can a person have too much sock yarn?? You wear them every day right? OK, maybe not in the summer so much, but all winter long. I did add to my stash at Friends of Wool last night not much, only 3........and having Ruby hold another, lol. I do like knitting socks, easy, portable- and yet at times challenging.
Ruby had just finishe a beautiful 3 button shawl, will have to think about that one. I love the idea of a shawl, but am I really the shawl type, too much adjusting for me??? Still thinking about it.....
On another note, I am on vacation, no real plans, hope it doesn't just get wasted........Tim has no plans either, ok sleeping and eating on a schedule, whenever is what I would like a total week of non-comformity!! But alas with my DH it just won't happen, sigh. So we will have fun!! I hope to travel to Lansing on Tuesday to see my sister and check out some shops in the Lansing area, we will see..........have to take the 15 yo Grandson school shopping also.
going to be great not to have to travel to the workplace tho.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

It's over already??

Fiberfest that is, we went after work as planned. Not quite as early, as Tim fell asleep and was *late* picking me up from work. Then the issue of getting him lunch, (of course he was to eat before we headed for the festival) which we did, after going thru 2 of the "barns". Wowsers , what great stuffs. I saw the square needles, which I would still like to try, but the sizes available were 10 and up. Glass needles, but outta my range at $45. Needles with fimo tops-hey I could do that?! And needles out of walnut and cherry.........again only in very small or very large sizes..guess I am on the look out for dowels in cherry or walnut...hmmmm, maybe with some fimo tops! I did purchase a surprise for my sister.......first and foremost a cross-stitcher, but she will appreciate the gift. A book for Tim, sigh, it was to me my choices, but I agree it is something we can use to make unique gifts. No more on that, as my sister reads the blog! And I did get some string........beautiful, 85% alpaca, 15% wool, in a denim-y color for my next crayon box jacket. Since I had not a major project in mind, ok I do but I have the fiber of choice already chosen, no a major purchases. Just a most enjoyable day!
After the festival, did we really leave before the end? We found 3 thrift stores........I have an upcoming craft show, next week and I need some display/sale items. I found several wood things, which I will paint black. That is the color I like to decorate/accent with lately, for that primitive look I love so much.
Then home to a supper of Italian sausage cooked with onions and green peppers and a baked potato, yum! Just as we were finishing..........our friends Ken and Janet stopped by with 2 outfits for my Kendra, how nice that she thinks of my grandchildren so often when doing the garage sales! Understand the kids all love Janet, as do we!
After they left, Tim had to run out to church for the weekly cleaning, I just sat and read my Harry Potter book, almost 2/3 finished, and tried to stay awake til he came home. I did and then I crawled off to bed!
Today finds the morning with thunderstorms, not sure if we will go to church as we were going to play hookey, but learned last night that one of our friends from church suddenly passed away. Tim has to go into work at 8, for a couple of hours, so we will decide be before then. Looks to be a lazy day, no kids for the weekend, for the first time in 8 months and no kids at all since early June. They have gone back home, hope it is going well.
Enough ramblin's from me for now.............

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Today is the day!!

I'm going to Fiberfest!!! Of couse there will never be enough $$ for one of those triangle looms, but I am still in hopes of finding one somewhere at my cost, lol. But it will be a nice day! The calm, the fiber, the sense of being with those who enjoy it as much as I do! Too bad I have to count money for the bank in the morning, but it will help me to appreciate all the more the festival.
On a sad note here, the grandchildren were taken home last night by their mother........they have been living with us since June.......I am not sure of how this will turn out, I only hope that the parents time of "relief" will make them realize how special all of these children are. It breaks my heart that the parents haven't been or even adequate in the parenting department. But our 15 year old is a wonderful young man and with his help and ours so will the littler ones!! On an up note, we now can clean up the house and when we come home after work, it will still be as we left it! But things won't be waiting for me like bouquets of Queen's Anne's Lace either.
They will still be here on the weekends and school starts soon for the three oldest. Only the 2 year old will be there all day. Believe me if things don't look right when we pick them up on the weekends, there will be actions taken. I am trusting God to help Tim and I make the decisions it needed.
So off to the bank I go, and then to the Festival!!!(missing out on the DeWitt Ox Roast, but maybe next year!)

Friday, August 17, 2007

Another day closer to vacation

By this time next week, I will officially be on vacation from the work day week. Yahoo!!
I will be outta the bank until Sept 5........a long time coming. Of course with the purchase of the new homestead last year, we have no vacation fund, so we are vacationing at home. Working on the projects we would normally try to get done and put in a 40+ hour work week. This summer having the kids has put most of that on hold, so now it is most needed. One thing I want to especially get done is finish organizing the craft room, I selfishly want it so I can just walk in and place my hand on whatever it is my little heart desires to do at that time, not "search". Now don't misunderstand this is a little room, lined with book shelves, so there is no comfy stitching/knitting chair! But to actually have all my stuffs organized, well, that would make me very happy.
Fiberfest is tomorrow, while it actually starts today, and we will be going. IF you have never been able to go, and you knit, stitch or whatever, you should!! It is an amazing thing to see!
DeWitt's Ox Roast is this weekend also, and while it is tradition that we attend that, I have to work on Saturday morning, so we would miss out on the parade. Not to mention that the current cost of gas is prohibitive. So for this year we will do the Fiberfest and stay at home missing the fireworks.
I have 6 pairs of the dozen socks completed and delivered to FOW!! They go quickly and I feel good about making them. Off to knit for a time before work, but I needed to post a little something.....

Monday, August 13, 2007

So now that summer is almost over-aakkkkk

I am going to give it a go at blogging again.
My sister is ribbing me about not posting since march, hey who had the time???
My four grand children have been living with us most of the summer.....they came on a Monday with just the things on their backs, good thing we had clothes and diapers here! The 15 year old did bring one change of clothes, at some point we did go back and get him some more clothing, but other than that!! Nothing came here!
The kidlets have had a great summer, the 15 yearold watched them during the days and DH and I made sure supper and bedtimes were not his responsibility, as it most likely would have been at home. They went saw and did many things even tho Grandpa and Grandma work full time..camping boating on Lake Michingan, swimming twice a week or more ..........good kid summer!!
Me I have renewed my interest in knitting, and at present have accepted a challenge to knit up 12-a dozen, no less, pairs of "Magic 28" socks-my local Yarn shop, Friends of Wool has been asked by someone to have the knitters do these up for a couple adopting a child from Russia. The socks will be gifts from the family to the orphange. I feel driven to do this as I have the grandchildren so near........of course it is turning out to be a great lesson to them on the sharing of what one can with others!
I will try to keep you up on things, thanks for reading!! Knit on!!

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Leavin' on a jet plane

That's right, I'am leavin' for the sunny south. Now don't get to jealous or excited for me...I fly out on Saturday afternoon and leave Myrtle Beach on Sunday morning in a van headed north! I am going to drive my mom back home. Lucky me of 3 daughters, she decided I was the one who could best afford the time away from my home to do this for her. Oh well, she is good to DH and I, so we have given her this time with just me.
DH will be taking me to the airport with the 4 grandchildren in tow. I wonder how the little ones we be at seeing Grandma off?
Much to do, even tho I am going to be gone for only 2.5 days, so I had better get off this puter and get busy!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Camp Stitchalot

it Was great! From late Thursday til mid-day Monday and then back to the reality of home and work. Next year I am taking the Tuesday after off also!
I attended an over one class taught by Ruth Sparrow Gendron, what a hoot!! She is funnier than a stitch, get it? A Stitch. I did learn much in her class, thoroughly enjoyed it also.
Then an evening class on punch needle, Charlotte Dudney. Now I have another addiction!
The Sunday class was a minature sampler which mounted in a tin rectangle, taught by the Queen herself, Deb from Stitches "N" Things! In that class I won a door prize!
All in all a good weekend, aside from being on the second floor-no elevator-and the smoke alarm going off in the room at all hours!
It was great to see all the Stitchy Sisters who were able to attend this year, and talk on the phone to those who did not come. Next year we hope all of us can make it!!
Have to do some finishing touches on my Easter exchange and get it off to the Post Office and just wait for the Easter bunny to bring me one.
Wonder what marvelous item will come for me??
Enjoy the wonder of Spring, it is everywhere, even in the strong thunderstorms that rolled thru early this morning!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Don't you love Spring coming?

End of snow, and the greening of the earth, wonderful. I can hardly wait to see what will be poking up thru the ground here! Doesn't look like any bulbs were hidden so far, but we can remedy that in the fall.
With the coming of Spring also comes Camp StitchAlot!! A two day camp for cross-stitchers in Davison, my sister and I attend along with approximately 50 other ladies! It is a great, relaxing(?) and fun time. It has become a major annual event in our lives-leave the job, the kids, the dogs/cats and most importantly, the husband home. A time just to be the girls we are, no meal times, laundry or daily routine!! Just sleep, stitch, eat and laugh.
One draw back this year is that I will be missing my Thursday Knit-Nite group. I have really developed a group of friends there. We laugh and share it is very important to me. While I haven't learned much about knitting that I did not already know, I have become addicted again. It was my first handcraft and my first love. It is great seeing pretty string become a useable item.
Off to pack for camp.........oh and there is that pesky name tag to finish also..........

Saturday, February 24, 2007

More ice/snow on it's way here in West Michigan......high winds too!
Gonna be a stitching day tomorrow!!
Ok that and Laundry.