Sunday, June 28, 2009

It's true

I am suffering from cast-on-itis...........I "found" 2 orphan skeins of a denim yarn and have started a Feather and Fan shawl. Now I have heard this is a pattern long used, but I don't think I have ever done will be a long rectangular shawl, perfect for those cool times.
I am not so loving the long row, 283 stitches, but the pattern yes!
Today I have to get the camper back in the rotation, if I want to go camping, DH says we have to get the things done. I am on it, as soon as I get the flat of flowers in, as soon as I toss in another load of laundry , as soon as I get groceries from the store, as soon as I make lunch, as soon as I change the washer load to the dryer and put in another wash load, you get the picture.
So that is where my day is going, so much for a "day away from work". but it is only a 4 day work week!! So there is hope!
in the mean time...........
Knit on.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Electricity is

so nice. After the huge storms that came thru early Friday morning, we were finally restored to power at noon on Sunday.
Did not make the Peace Festival, and from what DH heard, not many were able to.
So I sold not a bag one.........oh, well. Christmas??
Maybe there will be another show in my future now that I have a small inventory!!
Off to work, DH is to go and pick up Kendra from camp, I would have liked to go, but no time off available. Never mind my work is caught up and ahead, sigh.....
Off to find things to do there today.
At least I do have a job, many don't
for the mean time..........
Knit On.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


the beat goes on............and the beat goes on............on and on to the rhythm in my head...
So Saturday is the Peace Fennville? and I have signed up to have an artist's booth.
Felted bags made from re-claimed wool..............wool sweaters purchased/found, torn apart, yarn washed, re-knit then machine felted.......insane.
But good therapy and cheap yarn, lol.
I have near 25 bags to take would like to sell them all!!
Only $15 each...a decent price not too cheap, not a twenty......good deal for all.
I have approximately 48 cents in cost in each time knitting was free.........knitting is something I would do anyway.
So I will try to post the results of my folly.........uh, venture and experience at the Peace Festival.
In the mean time.............
Knit On.