Sunday, November 28, 2010

And how the time goes..

Knee was successfully replaced, downside? Now the right knee is in need of being switched out.
February found me in California, only for days, but I loved being with my Son and his family.
I miss them everyday. They are too far away.

We just finished the Thanksgiving holiday, this finds many sappy happy Christmas movies for the offering on DirecTv. Thank you!
I just light up the fireplace and knit and sleep alternately, lol.

I am thinking I should take up my blog again, it was a good release at times and I sure could use it now.

Tim is looking for a job...somedays. But he is getting w0od cut and stocking up!
Christmas open house is kaput for this year...I will miss it. Two years in a row, guess the tradition is now over. But this year I should be able to decorate. We will be having Tim's family over for Christmas dinner. Rachel and the grandchildren-those close by-will be here for lunch.
I don't like the idea of it being on a Saturday, somehow that feels like I will be cheated, lol.
I have loved the 4 day holiday this weekend.
All for now, in the mean time

Knit on!