Wednesday, December 08, 2010

And today finds me home from work...

stomach ache-y, anxiety, depression? Call it what you would, I call it a "mental health day". After almost 3 months of husband's unemployment, I need a break, I need to be ALONE. at least for a period of time longer than a couple of hours!!!
I don't have any plans, no car to run away in(van STILL in the shop-dh needs to call, maybe???)
and I wouldn't want to go out in the weather. Tho it just seems to be "flurries" today. I shall knit, sleep, chuck wood into the fire, and maybe do a couple of light chores. I might even find something to make for a nice comfort supper, like a stew or something.
But mostly I am just going to not be what I usually am. I am going to be free, totally alone.
So in the meantime...
Knit on.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Snow and more snow

oh and the blowing that comes with it...not nice Mother Nature.

In CA, my son is not going to complain about the 65° weather, good thing.
Talks with him last night of over 70 minutes this started at midnight, but don't worry, I had a 2 hour nap first, lol.

We talked of Christmas presents, Charlie's progress-thank you God.
Scarlett's first steps, why could she not have waited until Grandma could get there???

Just trying to get thru the days, DH's underemployment does still not seem to affect him, me, I am going to get white hair and panic attacks(hope not-Xanax worked once but it was always a hazy day, lol.)

Christmas is NOT going to be as home produced as I had originally planned, tough.
I will mostly knit for me this winter season. I have that huge carry on bag to knit for a "some-day" trip out to CA. It was to have been in Feb and all my carefully saved $ went for bills after the job change. Not fair, but life. So again I have started to put away what I can. I miss my son and his family. At this age, I should be able to go 2 times a year, for long weekends, right? Not at present, sigh.

So for now I am content to be in a warm, (mostly) and dry house. Still not decorated for Christmas Holiday, but it will be soon.
in the mean time.....
Knit on.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Winter really coming this time!

So WOOD-TV says. 3 days, up to 8+ inches of snow. Great and us with the all-wheel drive van in the shop! I need weight over the back wheels in the PT. Top Priority today?

Crafting and Decorating should be the theme of today! We need a little Christmas, right this very minute. Right now! I am thinking I should just wrap up those gifts sitting on the diningroom table, so that is done! Buck the wrapping as they come up the driveway tradition, lol. It would be a first. Maybe it's time to continue the change to simpler things, like planning ahead and being successful in the actual task, lol.
Off to ...

Knit on!

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Friday! or Actually Saturday!

and it's a good thing!
Looking forward to some thrift shopping, some crafting and some decorating this weekend.
Plan on making a big ole pot o chili and go from there!
Hope Tim's plans sync with mine!
Knit on.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Day two of the month of December

and the fun just continues.

Busy, exhausting day yesterday from daybreak on. We took the van to work, seemed a smarter idea considering the weather. Well, it starts to choke. DH says should we just go on? (so it is true, he just ignores or refuses to address the bumpy parts of life, sigh.) No, take it to the mechanic.
The kind hearted mechanic takes us to work, great now I am stranded here all day, can't do the errand running I had planned-like that is anything new.
Another kind person-co-worker, takes us home. Van is now "in the bay"-so what does that mean, it means no one knows why this piece of crap that DH had to have in the first place is doing what it does when the tough needs to be going.
So we are home, a cool 53° in the house, tolerable, but one would actually need wood which is not unsplit logs to start a fire. I am good at firebuilding, but not that good. I do need atleast 3 pieces of kindling, you know kindling, right, small DRY sticks. So after an hour and a half I have a decent fire going. Going to be a long, long night.
And I was correct, it was.
So off to bed, hoping that Dec 2 will be kinder.
Wake up with a migraine. Great, I HAVE to be to work today. Take the meds and hope the nausea goes away-after 1.5 hours it still has not. But being a woman, I will tough it up.
The PT does not have the weight I had asked for over the wheels. I will have to take care of that this weekend. Tell me why again I got married? Certainly does not seem to be to acquire a help-mate. Tell me it will get better...lie to me if you will.
Off to find something warm to brave the day with...might even try out that new turquoise scarf I indulgently knit for myself!
Knit on.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

And so November ends.

It finds me back to work on a daily basis. Co-worker not thinking I am working to her standard, sigh. Just do your thing and I will do mine, we are different people.

Purchased one of those super heater box things today from Menards. Probably should have waited, but it was $30 off! We don't plan on it for a substitute for propane, but an alternative or supplement. Even tho we have locked in a price, the $2.49/gallon seems alot, especially these days. And the winter stuff is not even in swing!

Yahoo weather says Wintry mix for tonight, I am hoping it is not correct. I have errands to do after work tomorrow, things to return, yarn to purchase and other important seasonal type tasks! As we will be riding to work together tomorrow, that will cut my time shorter as his patience is not the best unless he is getting something, sigh.

I went to bed early to get a full night's sleep, but after 3 hours, the hall light on and the tv from downstairs blaring(!), I am up. Not for long, but I just had to check my email, right? and put in a post here.

So back to dreamland I go, to sleep, perchance to dream, lol.
Knit on.