Wednesday, December 08, 2010

And today finds me home from work...

stomach ache-y, anxiety, depression? Call it what you would, I call it a "mental health day". After almost 3 months of husband's unemployment, I need a break, I need to be ALONE. at least for a period of time longer than a couple of hours!!!
I don't have any plans, no car to run away in(van STILL in the shop-dh needs to call, maybe???)
and I wouldn't want to go out in the weather. Tho it just seems to be "flurries" today. I shall knit, sleep, chuck wood into the fire, and maybe do a couple of light chores. I might even find something to make for a nice comfort supper, like a stew or something.
But mostly I am just going to not be what I usually am. I am going to be free, totally alone.
So in the meantime...
Knit on.

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