Friday, February 29, 2008

Just in time for Feb KAL socks

Americana yarn......thank you Dawn!

I also finished up 2 other pair in Encore.

On to the next.

Last night at Knit Nite, we were presented with the opportunity to make hats for premies. Sign me up for 7, I said. They should go quickly and there seem to be seven sizes. If I can make 10 pairs of socks for orphans, I can do this. Besides, my enabler, Tim, brought home a shopping bag of yarn from the school. The teacher was tossing may be older, and acrylic, but perfectly usable. So it will become hats as alot of it is baby fine yarn!

Waiting for the beef short ribs to fall off the bone in the crockpot. With oven fried french fries and tossed salad, supper will be complete.

The sun is presently shining. WOOD-TV says 97.2 inches of snow so far. ENOUGH ALREADY!

Camp is in 12 days for me!!! Sorting of stuff and packing to do yet. Better get busy, but first have to finish the skull wrist warmers for Alex's 16th birthday, tomorrow.

Knit oN.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

So now it's gotta snow??

Of course, it is still February.
I went to my first client yesterday. It went ok. I must admit I was a nervous wreck, but I did it. Not difficult-so far-but I still need to find a full-time job. This will keep me "out there" if nothing else.
I finished another pair of Encore socks, will have to take the pic and post.
Sunday went great, those little girls SANG every word. And smiled. My heart was just goo. and of course the tears were there too. Same for crusty ole Grandpa. I am so happy that I push to do this for them. They let Daddy know they were disappointed that he wasn't there(he had told them he would come-sigh*Don't promise what you don't intend doing, there is plenty of disappoint in life with out that*)
For lunch we had quesadillas-homemade. And they love them. I tell you if you don't have a quesadilla maker, you are missing it. We use ours alot, chicken beef, just is great!
Off to try a cheese bread recipe,
I have two places to go today, but not until 10 so I have some time to do this and knit!
Knit On.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Last Sunday in 2008's February

All I have to say is what?! February is gone already?
But on an other note, so are two months of winter.
Not much time to write, but I wanted to make sure to get some notes down.
The kids are so happy to be here. Tim on the other hand is being a grump.
Too much work, I know, but I am also of the opinion, that better management of his time, would make it easier. That and less laying on the couch being sad.
Heck, I found a job, I applied for another, I am trying. Not to mention that I do still receive unemployment!
Oh well, I ain't gonna let it get me down...
I have turned the heel on my February KAL5 socks, need to get them done!
I can use the ones I knitted Tim for Valentine's Day, but the feels like cheating since they aren't for me!
I also want to get those 'Americana " ones done too!
Well, I hear little feet on the stairs, my day has begun!
Knit On.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Gone from the Blog a few days,

and look what happens!
From the beginning, the Valentine Party was success! Everyone who attended had a great time. The talent time was wonderful, several who weren't scheduled to appear wanted to share also. The crafts were well accepted. The desserts were delicious. The movie time was great. And the popcorn maker only added to the movie atmosphere!
Sunday brought church and an all-church potluck following the service. Let me tell you, the Methodists sure know how to put out the chow!! What an assortment. The kids just go wild with all the choices. Tho they have learned which dishes they will not like, lol. But dessert is always a favorite of the kids.
On Tuesday I went on an interview at Evergreen Commons, for a Home Care position. I filled out the application and went on my way with a well, return on Thursday at one for orientation.
So Thursday came and I planned on being there at 1. I get a frantic call, you need to be at the church! The budget meeting is now!!(it's 10 am-me with no shower no where near ready!) So off I go! Leave there at 12:30 and head to Holland. By 3 pm. I learn I have a J-O-B. And I already have "clients".
So there goes all my goof off time...
I start on Monday. To me it mostly sounds like a "paid daughter" position. I have no medical training, just common sense and age on my side, lol.
So off I go to a new adventure.
Speaking of adventures..........last night, Knit Nite, Cherrie and I presented the opportunity to attend Knit-Away-Day! It was well received! We are planning on fun times here gals, so don't miss this!
Well, Tim is on his way home and we are going to the Fennville Library. Him to work or something, me to check in and out books! Gotta get my reading done for the book club, I need a prize. And Mary, the librarian tells me they are great prizes!! Me I am hoping for my own copy of One Skein, lol. Probably not. But I can dream.
Knit On.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

It's Valentine Saturday!!

Tonight Tim and I are hosting a Valentine Party at the church. We have a couple of crafts for the kids, hope that those attending bring a "favorite dessert", and have a few movies, The Lake House(the main feature for "adults"), The Impossible Elephant for the kids and The Ultimate Gift, if a second is needed(probably not so we have a Sunday afternoon movie!)
Tim will be playing a few selections on the organ, we have invited anyone else wishing to perform in the talent portion to do so also, but there will probably be no takers on that-their loss.
If nothing else, Tim and I and the Littles and the Pastor, his wife and their 3 grandchildren will be attending. The weather is to be fine. So here's hoping.
This is something Tim really wanted to do.
Tomorrow is a potluck after church. I plan on making a General Tso Chicken dish to take in a crock pot. I am cooking the chicken tonight. And the rice to go in the other crockpot tomorrow morning. I have a bag of apples needing to be used, so I think an apple crisp is in the making this morning too!
That will make sure there will be enough for the littles and us, volumewise at the potluck. By this I mean, sometimes, there is not loaves and fishes thing happening. The first thru the line-especially if it is the Youth-fill up their plates and by the end of the line, not so much if anything to choose from.
I have a cabbage also, so maybe a coleslaw too? We will see when I run out of steam, lol.
So far the reactions to Knit Away Day are positive!! It needs to be a little planned so people who come aren't disappointed, but with my friends help(of course they are the ones coming, lol) it will be a success!! I am so pleased/excited to be able to do this!!!
Even with the continual uneasy-ness of unemployment, I find that I am at Peace. I really like my life right now, I am happy. Is that selfish to be so, I don't think so, it has changed the focus here in our home from money. Now don't get me wrong, there isn't any extra-and I mean any but that doesn't seem to be too big an issue. I have learned a new "skill"-reclaiming yarn( I love finding the 100% sweaters), cooking more and knitting and knitting and cross stitching.
Speaking of which, Camp is coming name tag and my "kit" have to get done!!
So the plan is to finish up the clogs for Tim, and then attack the cross stitching.
I am also planning on stitching a sampler which I found(with Mima's help) in DMC 111-now I stole that color from my friend, Patricia. I saw a sampler in which she is using it and fell in love. I love monochromatic colored stitchings.
Enough chit-chat for now...........this has become long.
Off to to the mandatory morning knit-Tim is gone to work at the library, so I won't feel guilty, lol.
Knit on.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Fridays are great!

Belated Valentine wishes to all from me!
Yesterday morning Tim was gifted with a bag of M and M's, Cherry Gel Hearts and a pair of knitted socks. I got a wave goodbye. Not to worry.
He came home with heart "peeps", a cookie and cream candy bar(my personal favorite!) and a lottery ticket(which did not win). A cookie he got from school, heart with frosting and a strawberry newton cookie.
We had supper of a ham slice and home-made German Potato Salad(I don't care for it, but Tim loves it-even tho I did not use his mom's recipe) and green beans.
Then I ran off to Knit Nite..........came home to him playing love songs on the organ!!
Then we watched LOST. A nice evening!
Ok I did not finish up the knitted black bear, almost-going to be in the Easter Basket now, lol.
Nor did I get the clogs finished, will just be an I Love You gift......and still a surprise!
Today, I feel human again! I have felt so crappy this week, I was afraid pneumonia was setting in, but by being careful to get enough rest and fluids, I think I may have headed it off! Will continue my routine to do so......
At Knit Nite last night it was brought to topic to have a Retreat/Getaway...some of the ideas are way out of my budget, and not really what I want to do. I want just some knitting girlfriend time, not shopping or sight-seeing. I do those with Tim when we go away as he is great about indulging me with shopping(read here looking in many shops). So I just want the time to spend more time with these ladies I like so much.
So............... I have decided that in April the American Bear Cottage will be hosting a Knit Away Day! I have a chosen the date of Saturday the 26th. The 2nd Saturday wouldn't work as that is Prayer Shawl time at church so I was down to 3 choices. The 26th was the best choice. Note: If you participate in Angel Food, this is a pick-up day, but come after you pick up........or arrange for someone else to pick-up for you. Girlfriend time is important!
Keep posted for details! If I can pull off the annual Christmas Open House, this will be a piece of cake!
I am on a mission...beware, lol
Have a great weekend, and
Knit on

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Migraine Monday,

moved into to Too-Cold Tuesday.
Last night the Littles went home. No Valentine making, but my frig is covered with art. From all 3. They were good, but Grandma just wasn't up to par. So we colored watched Dora, Dragon Tales, WonderPets and I don't know what else. Before you get to thinking that the TV I watched the news, Rachel Ray and the 1.5 soaps that I like.
Monday evening brought a Finance meeting at church, followed by a council meeting. Meetings are for those who don't want to do, that is my opinion today. What if Jesus' friends said, hey wait, we have to get a committee to decide?????
I have the Faith that what needs to happen-will, regardless of the nay-sayers.
Today, I got the valentines made and posted to the family members, sorry friends, I love you all, but I didn't get them done in time.......
Two days to complete the clogs, but wait, I saw a great idea where they are gifted before they are felted!!! That is what I am going to do to Tim, he will freak-or think I have lost it.
His socks will be done also, easy will the little black bear, which he doesn't know about.
So off to clean out the fireplace and start tonight's fire. I would have liked one all day, but with leaving in the middle to run errands......what was I thinking??!!
I decided to wait.........NOW is the time, lol.
Keep warm and
Knit on.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Frozen Tundra!

Or so it looks outside. Today church was cancelled! Too cold, too blowy snowy.
Tim went out just after lunch to get a paper, milk and pop. He forgot the milk......and me with the Littles here, sigh. I would like to make him go back, but really, I am not that heartless..we will do okay, we have milk and canned milk if I want to cook anything using milk.
We watched Wild Hogs movie, funny!
I am knitting the 2nd sock for Tim's valentine.......he wouldn't try on the first one at any point so I figure if they don't fit, I will have a pair, lol.
So it is almost nap time, I will get some fixin's out to make some Valentine cards later in the afternoon. I may take a pic of them when we get done. Can't think of anything better to do on a snowy Feb Sunday afternoon! Ok maybe a nap, but with the kids, that probably won't happen.
Off to knit...
Knit on.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Don cha just hate it when you..

pay off the "note" on a car and then it decides to cost you money????
Well today's bill was $517.06! A new fuel pump and fuel filter, but now it at least runs. Yesterday Tim came home from a conference on Blueberries-we could make money on these?!-and parked in the driveway. I went out right away to go to Knit nite....and no start?! What?? He just came I called Barb, no answer, Called Mary, she was in a Kathy........she came from Holland and picked me up. Now that is a Knitting friend!! and She took me to Dittos to pick up a few more sweaters to reclaim. Barb brought me home. I am such a ride bum! But, but it was to make it to Knit Nite....!
I love my girlfriends at Knit Nite!
Joan showed off the knit embellished sweatshirt, cute, cute, cute. I am going to have to find me a sweatshirt quick to try this out!! My camp gals will love it!
I bought four more sweaters to reclaim....a wool and cashmere vest.......already done! Only the soaking and drying to do.......I don't remember the others but they were pretty!! (of course) So I have to get me a winder...Kathy says to use a 40% coupon at Joann's so I need to get one of those!!
It will happen when it needs to...I am so having fun ripping out the sweaters and finding new fibers for my knitting hobby.
Off to knit on Tim's second sock, the Valentine ones which he knows about.....the clogs should be ready for felting on Monday afternoon, or Tuesday at the latest. Now just to find the place for them to dry where he won't find them.......the Victorian room! We keep it closed up when the Littles aren't here!
Tomorrow is Prayer shawl meeting at the church, in the morning Pastor Dave, Tim and I are going to a conference hopefully we will get the Littles and maybe Alex after the prayer shawl knitting.
Angel Food ministries seems to be starting well, I know there will be bumps, but it is a wonderful thing that is happening.
Knit On.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Good thing I am not a Momma Sheep...

I would be tossing the kids in the dryer, or would that be lambs?? hehe.
So the hanks are not dry.......I am still so tempted to put them over the dining room register.. I am winding the whitish one on a toilet paper tube, slow going. but I really want to knit up a swatch of the reds. I know, I have plenty to finish up first. Tim's socks, Tim's Valentine socks..a prayer shawl and to cross stitch for camp too. which is now just over 30 days away......yikes, I gots to get organized!!!
Off to get busy..........oh but first, Tim took a vacation day today and he is attending a conference at Lake Michigan College about blueberry-ing. Hope he doesn't come home wanting a John Deere again, sigh. That has to wait for a little bit.
Knit on.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Here's the end result of 2 sweaters

reclaiming of the yarn!! I am just waiting for it to dry and then wind up into balls. Sure could use a winder now! (Note to self: ask for one for my birthday, in March). This could be addictive! When they are dry, I will knit up a swatch and see how it felts.......they could be slippers, and who knows?

Ta, Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Here are Kendra and Nicole with our Valentine Gingerbread house! They had so much fun decorating this. I must confess, I did the roof while they were outside playing in the snow. Kendra loved putting on the candy, but she did not like the mess on her fingers.
Colee was good with it for about 2 pieces then she would drift away, come back and put on a couple more. Just not a fast enough process for our Colee. Tristan tried to help, but he fell asleep on the kitchen floor! Tim came in an took him back to the livingroom and rocked him for a time. I told Tim those days are passing way too fast.
So yesterday, Tuesday, I went to FOW for knitting in the morning, working on my american socks-the yarn a gift from my friend from St. Joe, Dawn-I have one done and almost to the heel on the second. I can knit on it when Tim is home, but when he is gone, I am trying to get a pair of felted clogs done for a Valentine surprise! I think I will make my goal, today I should be able to finish the main part of #2. Then the soles of both to go. And finish up his little black bear! Will he be surprised.
Anyway back to my tale of yesterday, I found this cool pattern called Fuzzy on Knitty for a felted boot slipper! I wanted to obtain some yarn, but not having extre$$ was creating a challenge. So I went to HL used my 40% off coupon and got a safe color, blue. Then I searched Ditto-one of the local resale/thrift shops in Holland for sweaters to "reclaim" the yarn. I found 2 (the sale of the week is 2 for 1) 100% Lambs wool hand knit sweaters. One in red and one in a reddish tone, with white accents on the yoke. All of this for $3.00!! So if this doesn't work, too hard to dis-mantle, or the yarn won't loose its crimp, or it won't felt. I won't be out too much $$ wise.
So of course being a patient woman, not, I started yesterday at about 4:30 pm to go at it! By midnight, yes, I did help Tim bring in wood, made supper and checked on my emails, I had most of the red one into hanks and all of the reddish and white one in hanks. I then soaked them in the bathtub in cool water until saturated. Then I gently squished out some of the water and hung them to dry on my drying rack. They were straightening out!!
This morning they are still damp, but definitely straight. Now just to wait, so I can knit up a swatch and check for felting, pretty exciting..........a whole new adventure for me.........I am already thinking of that pretty coral sweater which was silk and something..........oh and the cashmere and silk, beige one. LOL. I am off and running...........Tim of course thinks I am crazy, but he is tolerant and as long as it is CHEAP, he probably won't complain too much.
So off to see what else I can do today, oh and of course work on that clog.
Knit on.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Saturday morning peace time...

well, until the group gets up! That's right the Littles are here! I missed them so much and I think they missed me too.
Yesterday I finally learned how to put the pictures from my camera to the computer. I also signed up for a Flikr page to keep them on. Now they can go on my blog!
So, here is the pair of socks I made for the Sock A Month Knit a-long, which I signed up for on Ravelry. They are made from Encore Colorspun Blue on Blue. Size 6 needles and they only used one skein! The pattern is Joan's socks, which I received at Friends of Wool about a year ago. Pretty shadings I think and they are warm. Now Tim wants a pair too. I am making him a navy pair.
Kendra and Tristan have had hack jobs on their hair, it makes me sad. Poor Kendra she said she asked her mom to cut off a little. She cut about 6 inches and did a poor job. Again something for me to clean-up, but I am happy that I am able to and the kids trust me. Tristan's is way too short and again a hack job. But I will neaten him up tonight, I did cut up the scraggles last night.

Today we have some picking up to do in the morning and then in the afternoon, we will put together the Valentine Gingerbread house! I have some Necco candy hearts and lollipops(they maybe can be trees?-will have to see) and we will use only the red, pink or white-won't it be fun convincing the kids not to use it all???

Friday, February 01, 2008

Winter snow warning.

Those weather people are so smart........this time they were right!
We are having Snow, yes snow with a capital letter. Tim says about an inch an hour, but that is the way guys measure, right? I don't think it is that much, but it is plenty and coming down!
I am straightening up the messed up house, with me home it doesn't get put back any better than before, February is going to start with me if I just don't get distracted.
Last night Tim took me into Holland where we went grocery shopping, something we do about every 3 months, oh we get the fresh stuff as needed, but canned goods and such as that only every 3 months it works well for our house.
Then I was dropped off at Knit nite, I love those girlfriends. We are planning a cookbook......we are all great cooks or know great recipes.......and Earleen also wants to add hints and stories. Imagine stories from us, lol. Some of them are a hoot, like broiled kitty?? Or the doggie door story? Or the flapping goose?
Does any one remember the Grit?? It was a weekly newspaper that my Grandma got, it had great stories.........we would have lots and lots of material for it today!
So I have to treat myself to an hour of knitting, I am working on the mohair shawl today.
Then I have to drag in wood, kindling, re-arrange the canned goods, do laundry, put away laundry and re-hem a pair of curtains into valances for the kitchen. Maybe I will have time to run up a set of panel curtains for the computer area, it seems cold around the edges today. I have the fabric, just need to get these things done. The bed is made with a different quilt and shams today. My log cabin house one, it seemed appropriate for a snowed in day.
The Littles are to come today, but I doubt that Tim will go get them. So I am trying to get their mother to deliver them here before she goes to work. I hope I am successful!
Off to knit, Rachel Ray is coming on and maybe I will get ideas for supper?
Knit on.