Friday, April 25, 2008


This week has been crazy!
Sunday, church, Monday work, run to Holland, pay bills, Church council meeting, Tuesday, work, check in to Library for details on new job, run to Holland, choir, Wednesday, run to Holland-had a great time thrifting-buy groceries, talk to Librarian about schedule for May, cook dinner for the PRAISE dinner and service, talk to Douglas for almost 2 hours, Thursday, work, run to Holland, a little thrifting, come home, go to knitting-whew-.
So here is the plan for the next few days, Friday, run to Bodfish Farms to distribute Angel Food flyers, call woman in Douglas to help them get information, go to Walmart get stuff for Movie night, work, clean cottage, Movie night(hope I don't have to go...), Saturday, Tim has to be to church at 7 am to go get Angel Food, Knit-Away-Day starts at 8 am, and runs to midnight, Tim will be in and out.......Sunday potluck at church with Auction following.........Sunday night collapse.
There you have it!
Knit on--If you have time, I don't think I will until Saturday!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Here she is, My Charlie Ann..........

here is one for now, more to follow..
Knit on.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Our official Easter photo

what a spring looking group. Kendra is wearing a hat also, but it is a cloche type and does'nt show much. Tristan is tired of posing....
We had a great day-always do.
Knit on.

I have been knitting

Here is the hood portion of the sweater for Charlie Ann. Notice the little heart shaped buttons??

and here is a pic of the whole sweater. Just waiting for a pic of her wearing it!

These are my sister's socks. to keep her tootsies warm.
Today I should finish a new pattern I tried for a prayer shawl. I am using the Cotton Candy colored Homespun which my friend Ann gifted to me. Pictures to follow.....
Knit on.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Here are April's socks

Which were to be March's, in that my home has battled(and almost won!) the flu in the last 4 weeks, I missed posting for March. So I am taking the easy route and marking them April's-that is allowed, right??

orphan yarn-probably acrylic-no idea, but they feel yummy on! Just a basic sock pattern too, nothing exciting.

Sent a package

to California yesterday, loaded with goodies. I can't post a pic of one item cuz, "they" might be reading the blog! Will soon tho!
I am again at odds on what to do about the home care job. The one client seems to think my time is optional. Come but don't stay the full time, leave early. This one is just not making any money...especially now that gas prices are $3.49!!!
Spring is here, I can hear birdies singing this morning. The world here is surely washed clean, there was rain wind, thunder and lighting last night - much of it!
It is not to be a pleasant weekend, more rain and cooler temps. Good thing I have inside things to do, by this I mean knitting, lol.
Off to do just that!
Knit on.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

And the rain came down.

Apparently last night thunderstorms drove thru the area. Luckily, we slept thru them. But after today, well, that 4-letter word is forcasted....sigh.
News on the job front here............maybe. Investigating the possibility today, my only day without home care in the week. Lots of errands, laundry and chores to to also. But I will try to make a valiant effort.
I have to get on the stick and get some new pictures in here! I have yet to post my March socks and to start up a pair for April. Maybe a quick croc pair from Fixation?
Speaking of crocs....Tim placed rails for a shelf system on the basment stairs and yes, I hooked the strap of my krocs on it and busted the button which holds the strap in, sigh. Always me.
Do you think krocs can be worn in CA?? Or just try and get a new pair of birkies?? I am liking the birkies idea.
So not much is happening here, just much of the same with the exception of Cherrie coming over yesterday afternoon. We sorted out the prizes for Knit-Away-Day. At this time we have 38 small bags! And more to come!! We will be having a door prize every 1/2 hour from 8:30 til Midnight and more chances to win also. Cherrie has been working on this, thank you.
We are hoping for good weather so the outside can be used also....we will see...........
So off to knit(really crochet) on my shawl for THE Wedding. It is done just putting on the edging and then to block it out. I have to make it to Penneys yet to spend the gift card Douglas and Deja sent for my birthday-new duds for the trip out west!
Knit on.

Monday, April 07, 2008

So here I sit trying

to get my week started. I was up too late, Lifetime movies, lol.
But I did awake before 8-5 minutes before. Laundry and household chores await me, as always, but I think I will take some time this morning to work on the prizes aspect of the upcoming Knit-Away-Day! I have something fun in mind!
I talked with Douglas again yesterday, it is so good to talk with him. It is like we never lost contact. He is planning so much for the wedding and us coming, I hope he doesn't crash and burn emotionally. He is also planning on doing the food for the reception. Lots of self pressure.
Well just a little entry today, off to be productive, uh-huh..............
Knit on in the mean time.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

68 degrees today!

What a nice temp for a Sunday!
The Littles were here since Friday evening. Early Saturday morning we all took a picnic lunch and went out to reclaim/recycle some used deck/ramp treated wood. Thru joint efforts of Tim and I(mostly Tim) we brought a total of 2 trailer loads. Plenty of rails and most of the wood needed to make new steps for the front entryway. Winter has played a cruel joke, our cement steps are starting to crumble, it seems they are only cement blocks with a concrete frosting covering them, sigh. Luckily, Tim is very handy and can create a new set, provided we have the materials, most of which we have now, Thank you!
Last week found me back to work at the home care, it went well. Wednesday was the best day I have had in a long time health-wise. I accomplished much here at home, but after an illness like we two had here, well, it will take a little time to get the rhythm back! But it is coming..........
I knit a Prayer Shawl last week in light blue Red Heart Baby Clouds. Sorry Red Heart, but this is nasty stuff to knit with, big puffs which continually get caught on the needle. But on size 17s it was a quick knit and looks good in the basket for distribution.
Hope/plan on starting another this week also. My shawl for the wedding is knit out of cotton twist, in a pretty pink and greens varigeted, I have only one hank to knit and then it will be bound off, dropping the stitches for a lacy effect. I plan on crocheting a border rather than fringe it. I don't think I am really a "fringe" girl. Bohemian, yes, but not to the point of fringe-y, lol.
Off to knit, want to finish up that shawl..................
Knit On.