Thursday, September 25, 2008

So Cherri

here is the site for lots of socks patterns!

Since my puter won't talk to yours...........check these out!!
Posey is the one!
off to bed.
for those of you who can't sleep...
Knit On!

Knit Nite!

One of the highlights of my week.
This week, I will be again taking the eternal sock knitting......where do these balls of Fixation come from? Just as I thought I was on the last one.....up pops another!!
So only 2 to go to be done with Moc Croc Socks...then on to "winter socks".
I am busy knitting the Christmas stuff,but as some of the recipients read my blog, I can't list them. But I am making some headway...
Off to put in my time at work so I can go knitting.........
Knit On

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Well things here may

settle down, but I doubt it.
I did find buttons, big buttons!! at the Allegan market. We had such a nice weekend!
But since then,,,,,,,,,well, my nice new job, was cut to 3 days..hooked back up with Evergreen
but only for a couple of hours so far, not the 16+ that I was hoping for. Good thing I have knitting and cross stitch stash. But wait! no time for that.
Tim's dad was in an auto accident........there has gone a week! This past week as it happened on Sunday last. He is back home and with only facial injuries and some ribs, he will be ok. They have their own demons to fight in that house. What a bizarre family.

Yesterday found me waking up to DH, or not so D, telling me there is a squirrel in the house......WHAT!!!?!?!?!
Here is the story I told my friend Cherrie....This morning, Friday, Tim woke me up with, there is a squirrel in the house, and I am going to work.
I am terrified of them, bats, mice and such. Birds too.
So I jumped in the shower saw it just as I was finished getting my clothes ready, and got dressed and left. by 7:30 am
got lost going to work, took Blue Star and did not know where to turn off.
got there in time tho...
came home after a long day..........of not much to do. sigh.
and Tim casually mowing the lawn.......after a time he came up and said, didn't see the mouse...
what's for supper? I don't know, you have been home!!
So i threw him a steak which he grilled. finishe up the dishes we hadn't gotten done while he ate. and he left for church .
tomorrow is the 300 piece chicken dinner, who knows if the tickets have been sold. he is packaging up the beans and coleslaw in the little cups with lids.
Cinnamon starts to bark and bark=not really like her when it is just me.
and sure enough that varmit is on the kitchen counter..........I scream, of course.
go to the phone call tim and he go open the door and hope it goes out.......
so I go around the house open the back door. trudge back to the front, shaking all the time. I mean I know this is stupid, but Cherrie, I am really freaked out!!
So I go thur the dining room and it is trying to get to the table in the kitchen, I lost it screaming and throwing stuff, finally after 100 years, i get it to run out the door, I don't even want to think what any one driving by would think.
So I call tim, hy[perventleting and crying to let him know, and he says, oh geez get a grip..
I am so happy it is out, but not seeing any white knights to my rescue tonight.
But this morning my Knight which is still not wearing white, apologized for it all.. I know he did not plan on the eventful ending to our week, but it was pretty close to being IT.
So today finds me having to knit, can you imagine HAVING to knit??
I plan on being in an Artisans Bazaar on Nov 1 and I need needles here I come!
Off topic but worthy of input, I usually knit at FOW on Thursday, with the loss of job time, I find I can knit on Tuesday mornings also!! A real treat for now!
So off to rip our a sweater or two as that is what the felted bags I intend to offer are made from.
in the mean time.......................................................................
Knit On!!!