Monday, October 27, 2008

Is it to snow or not?

Me, I am hoping for NOT!
Life here certainly has been chaos to say the least!
No furnace-fixed now
No hot water-fixed now
No washer-(3 weeks!)-fixed now
And now I have been blessed with the gift of clothing!
20 Black bags full-all to be tried on before making it upstairs to the closet, which will result in gleaning out the exsisting supply........a wonderful thing. But where is that extra time to come from?? I did get thru half of the bags yesterday and hope to get thru the rest tonight after work.
I have to...I have promised the excess(read here don't fit or just won't work out for the need here) to a clothing mission.
THE Open House is only days away, much to do.........Tim has building projects in the works and those too must be finished up.
WE hope to change out the kitchen countertop!! Already he has purchased a new sink and faucet-what a great Hubby!!
So off to get busy...
Oh and I love my new job!!
Knit on...........I do when I can find the time!