Thursday, November 22, 2007

So Mom is here...

and so is the Thanksgiving holiday!!
Countdown to the open house is also here.
Tim is still painting and painting.......just finish already.
Who am I to talk, I have curtains to finish up and stuff to stash away.
and decorations and decorations and decorations to drag in and place.
Let the fun begin.
I have to be at a certain point by Sunday evening and I just at this time don't see
it happening....but I do know in my heart it will.
This morning when I let the dogs out, I saw snow in the air.
IN the air is where I hope it will stay!
Off to sit for a spell.
Working on the Professor Harold Hill method, the Think method.
Where if you think about it it will happen...from The Music Man.
I am thankful for all my family and friends.
I wish with all my heart my children could see fit to be loving and caring
and home for the holidays, but that is broken in them for now.
Perhaps one day, I will see them again.
Off to tea and an afghan!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Thanksgiving and beyond

Here in our home we have much to be thankful for-health, jobs, family, a great house, the list goes on and on.
In the next 10 days, ok not really counting the next 4, because I refuse to decorate before the day after Thanksgiving, things will be getting crazy here!
Our annual Celebration of the Holiday Season is on Dec. 2 from 1-6pm. We will be all decorated and ready to go, by hopefully the Friday night before....that means in a total of 8 days the whole house will be transformed into a Christmas home. Now that wouldn't be so hard, except, we actually have to work at our jobs, Tim has painting, plastering and building projects to complete PRIOR to being able to decorate certain rooms. I have some papering and sewing projects to complete also..........YIKES! And here is the kicker, our "littles", our young grandchildren, who spend(and have since the first of the year) will be spending the weekend here. ONLY Saturday night and part of Sunday (the 24th and 25th) but they will be back the evening of the 1st. So everything HAS to be decorated by then, only refreshments and tiny and I mean very tiny details to complete.
It should be very interesting, very interesting. Between Tim and I we have given out over 150 invitations and we have a list to mail and some yet to give away...we are soooo ambitious.
To top it off, Tim has taken a part time Santa position, only Friday the 23rd, Sunday the 25th and then not again until after the open house, so I will need to plan very carefully when I need his help.
I am hoping to get Mom to help with decorating the cottage, as that is where she stays when she is over. Maybe we can get those on target by Saturday the 24th, and the Victorian tree that day also as the littles could help decorate it.
It should be interesting.
Along with that tidbit, I think I am safe in posting that the position I applied for last week, is to be mine. Alas, no more money, but a move away from the team leader who is so disrespectful. Honestly, most of the time I don't care, but last Saturday, he cut me to the quick and I cried all the way home. I hate that I let his snide nasty comment hurt me, usually I am thicker skinned than that! So this week I wil try to avoid any and all conservation with him. I do know that I am getting really burned out, I have worked 6 Saturdays in a row, with this upcoming Saturday to be my Last in the Douglas branch. That means 7 weeks I have worked 6 days a week. I never would have applied for this job in Fennville, but for that. The other gals are totally capable of working 2 on, 1 off, but tooo selfish to work as a team. So this team player chose to look elsewhere. I do believe that I can do what I do at Fenville's branch. It is a different branch as the locale is somewhat different than Douglas. We will see..........I am on vacation for a week starting Dec 3, so when I leave work on the 30th at 1, I won't be returning to the Douglas branch.

Of course this could change as the bank seems to always manipulate employees lives as much as they can legally do.
OK enough on that! I have gotten up way too early and have way too much to do today, so I think I will lay on the couch for awhile................................and maybe catch a quick nap.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

So Tomorrow is the day,

that I interview for the lateral move job. Not any closer to home, probably not more money, but hopefully a better atmosphere with co-workers. The bank was sooooo busy today that I never got a chance to properly finish my application, but I will take a resume with me. What will be will "chances" were better before another gal in my own office applied also. She would save 17 miles driving a day.........I wish I could be bigger hearted, but I do so want out of the control freak's reach. It could be better and it could be worse, any way it goes I should still have a job.
Yesterday was a federal holiday, meaning a day off...........I accomplished nothing, ok I did knit and watch Lifetime movies, lol. I am almost done knitting the shawlette that I purchased yarn for last Thursday. I am extremely disappointed, it was to be a wine colored blend, chosen with the shop owners expertise, while I like the fiber and the pattern it is knitting up purple to my minds eye. I will take the dress and they project back to the shop on Thursday. As I will have at least one skein to return, I may look to see if there is another color-wine this time.
I am excited to report that our church's women's bazaar the first weekend in November will be allowing outside participation next year. I wrote a letter to the committee and suggested and offered to help with the details, only with my experience leading the project was it approved, for ONE year........uh, huh... that's right, but with this stick in the mud group that is a real bend!
Off to bed, I am tired, go figure only 2 CSRs(teller) to work the day after a closed Monday, I swear they are trying to kill us off!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Ok, ok.........I'm writing already!

Another 1/2 day, had lunch with Tim, good ole' boy joint, and a chuck wagon with fries!
Then over to Fennville to visit my friend Stacy, who is the team leader there. I got a tour of the Fennville facilities.
Then to South Haven, hit a thrift store, Walmart and frying pan, no shade, but did get some of the items on my list. Including supplies for the newest giftie thing I am creating.
Then home for supper and church choir. I have been asked to sing a solo for Christmas...guess the old gal still can sing!
Finished up the prayer shawl I was working on last month, as I challenged the women who came to the PS ministry meeting last month, I figured I had better deliver the goods this weekend when we meet again.
I have already started another with some of the yarn stash I acquired thru thrift shopping.
A beautiful deep red color, Red Heart clouds I think, it will make a durable and soft shawl.
While it is wonderful to knit with the "fancier" yarns at the shops, I do think for prayer shawls, it is the prayer, and the softness that make the shawl, not designer yarns.
So there you have it, some of the things I am thinking and doing, not much, work and come home.
Oh I did go to the library also!! But no Mary...........gone for a conference Tim tells me........maybe next time.
Knit On.