Monday, November 24, 2008


No matter how hard you try it still comes to visit.
That nasty cold flu like bug.
DH was outta commission for the latter part of last week.
Now is my turn, you know I feel lousy if I don't want to knit
read cross stitch or do anything but lay down.
I hope this passes soon........about 3 days if
DH is a good barometer.
Off to lay down
IN the mean time
Knit on.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

November half over-aacckkk!

Of course in July when I planned the Holiday activities, things were so different.
Erma was alive, Clarence relatively healthy, Mom not approaching knee surgery.
I had just started a new job and things were looking good.
Then whoosh, CHANGE happened.
Change is always good, I do believe. It keeps life interesting and should keep us on track.
But here in this household, too much change has not been a good thing.
We have way too many projects to complete.......and that adds stress.
Finally the washer is running again, no screws allowed this time from
Tim's pockets.
The furnace has a new thermostat, which I don't believe has fixed the problem
but I know how to build a fire in the fireplace and I am tired of arguing about it.
If it continues, I will just call a furnace repair man. Enough said.
I can't fix the huge logs blocking the driveway, he'll figure it out.
So I am doing what I can...patching the wall in the closet after waiting for 2
years for it to get done.
I bought 2 portable clothes racks to use instead of waiting for the man to put up the
system we all ready own. If it gets done-the system-I will use the racks else where, like the
I hope tomorrow to winterize the windows, upstairs, hang all the blessing bag clothing
and reorganize some of the craft room. Big expectations, I know, but all things I not only
need to do, but want to do!!
So today I made chili for supper, a quick fix and I can finish up the kitchen cleaning.
Tomorrow I purchased a corned beef to make, while I may need to go out for the
potatoes, it can cook ahead.
I probably will miss church,,,,,,,,,,,I need to get it together here
not to mention get on track with my knitting!!
My new job is Great!
Knit on......