Saturday, March 31, 2007

Leavin' on a jet plane

That's right, I'am leavin' for the sunny south. Now don't get to jealous or excited for me...I fly out on Saturday afternoon and leave Myrtle Beach on Sunday morning in a van headed north! I am going to drive my mom back home. Lucky me of 3 daughters, she decided I was the one who could best afford the time away from my home to do this for her. Oh well, she is good to DH and I, so we have given her this time with just me.
DH will be taking me to the airport with the 4 grandchildren in tow. I wonder how the little ones we be at seeing Grandma off?
Much to do, even tho I am going to be gone for only 2.5 days, so I had better get off this puter and get busy!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Camp Stitchalot

it Was great! From late Thursday til mid-day Monday and then back to the reality of home and work. Next year I am taking the Tuesday after off also!
I attended an over one class taught by Ruth Sparrow Gendron, what a hoot!! She is funnier than a stitch, get it? A Stitch. I did learn much in her class, thoroughly enjoyed it also.
Then an evening class on punch needle, Charlotte Dudney. Now I have another addiction!
The Sunday class was a minature sampler which mounted in a tin rectangle, taught by the Queen herself, Deb from Stitches "N" Things! In that class I won a door prize!
All in all a good weekend, aside from being on the second floor-no elevator-and the smoke alarm going off in the room at all hours!
It was great to see all the Stitchy Sisters who were able to attend this year, and talk on the phone to those who did not come. Next year we hope all of us can make it!!
Have to do some finishing touches on my Easter exchange and get it off to the Post Office and just wait for the Easter bunny to bring me one.
Wonder what marvelous item will come for me??
Enjoy the wonder of Spring, it is everywhere, even in the strong thunderstorms that rolled thru early this morning!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Don't you love Spring coming?

End of snow, and the greening of the earth, wonderful. I can hardly wait to see what will be poking up thru the ground here! Doesn't look like any bulbs were hidden so far, but we can remedy that in the fall.
With the coming of Spring also comes Camp StitchAlot!! A two day camp for cross-stitchers in Davison, my sister and I attend along with approximately 50 other ladies! It is a great, relaxing(?) and fun time. It has become a major annual event in our lives-leave the job, the kids, the dogs/cats and most importantly, the husband home. A time just to be the girls we are, no meal times, laundry or daily routine!! Just sleep, stitch, eat and laugh.
One draw back this year is that I will be missing my Thursday Knit-Nite group. I have really developed a group of friends there. We laugh and share it is very important to me. While I haven't learned much about knitting that I did not already know, I have become addicted again. It was my first handcraft and my first love. It is great seeing pretty string become a useable item.
Off to pack for camp.........oh and there is that pesky name tag to finish also..........