Thursday, August 30, 2007

Vacations are never long enough.

Today marks the only day Tim and I will actually be alone.
We have done some of the things we planned, but Alex was here, and that changed some of the plans.
On Tuesday we had a great day in Lansing and seeing was a good day. I scored a few balls of yarn for my blue crayon jacket project... have to get busy on the pink one so as to start the blue one.
Today we are off to the Four Winds, probably within the hour!! Not being gamblers, I am not sure why, but we want to see it. We are each armed with a roll of quarters!
Tomorrow, Alex is back and so are the littles. Plus Tim's mol...........for the weekend.....and thru Monday. So back to the full house, which as of yet, does not have the "projects" done.
So even tho projects shout our names, we are going adventuring!

Friday, August 24, 2007


Can a person have too much sock yarn?? You wear them every day right? OK, maybe not in the summer so much, but all winter long. I did add to my stash at Friends of Wool last night not much, only 3........and having Ruby hold another, lol. I do like knitting socks, easy, portable- and yet at times challenging.
Ruby had just finishe a beautiful 3 button shawl, will have to think about that one. I love the idea of a shawl, but am I really the shawl type, too much adjusting for me??? Still thinking about it.....
On another note, I am on vacation, no real plans, hope it doesn't just get wasted........Tim has no plans either, ok sleeping and eating on a schedule, whenever is what I would like a total week of non-comformity!! But alas with my DH it just won't happen, sigh. So we will have fun!! I hope to travel to Lansing on Tuesday to see my sister and check out some shops in the Lansing area, we will see..........have to take the 15 yo Grandson school shopping also.
going to be great not to have to travel to the workplace tho.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

It's over already??

Fiberfest that is, we went after work as planned. Not quite as early, as Tim fell asleep and was *late* picking me up from work. Then the issue of getting him lunch, (of course he was to eat before we headed for the festival) which we did, after going thru 2 of the "barns". Wowsers , what great stuffs. I saw the square needles, which I would still like to try, but the sizes available were 10 and up. Glass needles, but outta my range at $45. Needles with fimo tops-hey I could do that?! And needles out of walnut and cherry.........again only in very small or very large sizes..guess I am on the look out for dowels in cherry or walnut...hmmmm, maybe with some fimo tops! I did purchase a surprise for my sister.......first and foremost a cross-stitcher, but she will appreciate the gift. A book for Tim, sigh, it was to me my choices, but I agree it is something we can use to make unique gifts. No more on that, as my sister reads the blog! And I did get some string........beautiful, 85% alpaca, 15% wool, in a denim-y color for my next crayon box jacket. Since I had not a major project in mind, ok I do but I have the fiber of choice already chosen, no a major purchases. Just a most enjoyable day!
After the festival, did we really leave before the end? We found 3 thrift stores........I have an upcoming craft show, next week and I need some display/sale items. I found several wood things, which I will paint black. That is the color I like to decorate/accent with lately, for that primitive look I love so much.
Then home to a supper of Italian sausage cooked with onions and green peppers and a baked potato, yum! Just as we were finishing..........our friends Ken and Janet stopped by with 2 outfits for my Kendra, how nice that she thinks of my grandchildren so often when doing the garage sales! Understand the kids all love Janet, as do we!
After they left, Tim had to run out to church for the weekly cleaning, I just sat and read my Harry Potter book, almost 2/3 finished, and tried to stay awake til he came home. I did and then I crawled off to bed!
Today finds the morning with thunderstorms, not sure if we will go to church as we were going to play hookey, but learned last night that one of our friends from church suddenly passed away. Tim has to go into work at 8, for a couple of hours, so we will decide be before then. Looks to be a lazy day, no kids for the weekend, for the first time in 8 months and no kids at all since early June. They have gone back home, hope it is going well.
Enough ramblin's from me for now.............

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Today is the day!!

I'm going to Fiberfest!!! Of couse there will never be enough $$ for one of those triangle looms, but I am still in hopes of finding one somewhere at my cost, lol. But it will be a nice day! The calm, the fiber, the sense of being with those who enjoy it as much as I do! Too bad I have to count money for the bank in the morning, but it will help me to appreciate all the more the festival.
On a sad note here, the grandchildren were taken home last night by their mother........they have been living with us since June.......I am not sure of how this will turn out, I only hope that the parents time of "relief" will make them realize how special all of these children are. It breaks my heart that the parents haven't been or even adequate in the parenting department. But our 15 year old is a wonderful young man and with his help and ours so will the littler ones!! On an up note, we now can clean up the house and when we come home after work, it will still be as we left it! But things won't be waiting for me like bouquets of Queen's Anne's Lace either.
They will still be here on the weekends and school starts soon for the three oldest. Only the 2 year old will be there all day. Believe me if things don't look right when we pick them up on the weekends, there will be actions taken. I am trusting God to help Tim and I make the decisions it needed.
So off to the bank I go, and then to the Festival!!!(missing out on the DeWitt Ox Roast, but maybe next year!)

Friday, August 17, 2007

Another day closer to vacation

By this time next week, I will officially be on vacation from the work day week. Yahoo!!
I will be outta the bank until Sept 5........a long time coming. Of course with the purchase of the new homestead last year, we have no vacation fund, so we are vacationing at home. Working on the projects we would normally try to get done and put in a 40+ hour work week. This summer having the kids has put most of that on hold, so now it is most needed. One thing I want to especially get done is finish organizing the craft room, I selfishly want it so I can just walk in and place my hand on whatever it is my little heart desires to do at that time, not "search". Now don't misunderstand this is a little room, lined with book shelves, so there is no comfy stitching/knitting chair! But to actually have all my stuffs organized, well, that would make me very happy.
Fiberfest is tomorrow, while it actually starts today, and we will be going. IF you have never been able to go, and you knit, stitch or whatever, you should!! It is an amazing thing to see!
DeWitt's Ox Roast is this weekend also, and while it is tradition that we attend that, I have to work on Saturday morning, so we would miss out on the parade. Not to mention that the current cost of gas is prohibitive. So for this year we will do the Fiberfest and stay at home missing the fireworks.
I have 6 pairs of the dozen socks completed and delivered to FOW!! They go quickly and I feel good about making them. Off to knit for a time before work, but I needed to post a little something.....

Monday, August 13, 2007

So now that summer is almost over-aakkkkk

I am going to give it a go at blogging again.
My sister is ribbing me about not posting since march, hey who had the time???
My four grand children have been living with us most of the summer.....they came on a Monday with just the things on their backs, good thing we had clothes and diapers here! The 15 year old did bring one change of clothes, at some point we did go back and get him some more clothing, but other than that!! Nothing came here!
The kidlets have had a great summer, the 15 yearold watched them during the days and DH and I made sure supper and bedtimes were not his responsibility, as it most likely would have been at home. They went saw and did many things even tho Grandpa and Grandma work full time..camping boating on Lake Michingan, swimming twice a week or more ..........good kid summer!!
Me I have renewed my interest in knitting, and at present have accepted a challenge to knit up 12-a dozen, no less, pairs of "Magic 28" socks-my local Yarn shop, Friends of Wool has been asked by someone to have the knitters do these up for a couple adopting a child from Russia. The socks will be gifts from the family to the orphange. I feel driven to do this as I have the grandchildren so near........of course it is turning out to be a great lesson to them on the sharing of what one can with others!
I will try to keep you up on things, thanks for reading!! Knit on!!