Wednesday, December 24, 2008

And One Night to go!!!!

til Christmas..........the presents are here, but not wrapped. Nothing new there........
The menus are planned and the cakes will be baked tonight.........
Off to do Elf duty...........
Merry Christmas to all!
and in the evening hours when it has all settled down,

Knit on!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Cold and Blow and Snow

Ok I know it is December already, but honestly the Teens for temps!!???
Good thing the mister here has put up plenty of firewood
now just if we were home during the days to keep the fire
It looks to be a pretty Christmas, all snowy and such.
Almost done with the gifts!!
or what will be gifts, lol.
Have to get that package out to CA...I wonder if it will make
it in time for NewYears??
Off to the gold mine, right.
Wish I could just sit and knit,
woke up with a migraine, that is why
I am still home and typing.
I miss my home alone time.
until next time...
Knit on.. and stay warm!!

Thursday, December 04, 2008


it still lives here. DH went to the Dr and got a script, me I am going to tough it out!
With the Open House on Sunday-accckkkk, she ran screaming around the room!-
we don't really have time to be sick. Sigh. But we have managed to get the Main
Floor trees up. I am waiting for the adrenalin to kick in, lol.
Not much knitting or anything else going on.
With that and the new job, not really too hard I believe, but just getting
Anna to let go. She is retiring on Jan 2.
So off to see what I can accomplish in the next 20 minutes before I get ready and
leave for work.
in the mean time..............
Knit On.

Monday, November 24, 2008


No matter how hard you try it still comes to visit.
That nasty cold flu like bug.
DH was outta commission for the latter part of last week.
Now is my turn, you know I feel lousy if I don't want to knit
read cross stitch or do anything but lay down.
I hope this passes soon........about 3 days if
DH is a good barometer.
Off to lay down
IN the mean time
Knit on.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

November half over-aacckkk!

Of course in July when I planned the Holiday activities, things were so different.
Erma was alive, Clarence relatively healthy, Mom not approaching knee surgery.
I had just started a new job and things were looking good.
Then whoosh, CHANGE happened.
Change is always good, I do believe. It keeps life interesting and should keep us on track.
But here in this household, too much change has not been a good thing.
We have way too many projects to complete.......and that adds stress.
Finally the washer is running again, no screws allowed this time from
Tim's pockets.
The furnace has a new thermostat, which I don't believe has fixed the problem
but I know how to build a fire in the fireplace and I am tired of arguing about it.
If it continues, I will just call a furnace repair man. Enough said.
I can't fix the huge logs blocking the driveway, he'll figure it out.
So I am doing what I can...patching the wall in the closet after waiting for 2
years for it to get done.
I bought 2 portable clothes racks to use instead of waiting for the man to put up the
system we all ready own. If it gets done-the system-I will use the racks else where, like the
I hope tomorrow to winterize the windows, upstairs, hang all the blessing bag clothing
and reorganize some of the craft room. Big expectations, I know, but all things I not only
need to do, but want to do!!
So today I made chili for supper, a quick fix and I can finish up the kitchen cleaning.
Tomorrow I purchased a corned beef to make, while I may need to go out for the
potatoes, it can cook ahead.
I probably will miss church,,,,,,,,,,,I need to get it together here
not to mention get on track with my knitting!!
My new job is Great!
Knit on......

Monday, October 27, 2008

Is it to snow or not?

Me, I am hoping for NOT!
Life here certainly has been chaos to say the least!
No furnace-fixed now
No hot water-fixed now
No washer-(3 weeks!)-fixed now
And now I have been blessed with the gift of clothing!
20 Black bags full-all to be tried on before making it upstairs to the closet, which will result in gleaning out the exsisting supply........a wonderful thing. But where is that extra time to come from?? I did get thru half of the bags yesterday and hope to get thru the rest tonight after work.
I have to...I have promised the excess(read here don't fit or just won't work out for the need here) to a clothing mission.
THE Open House is only days away, much to do.........Tim has building projects in the works and those too must be finished up.
WE hope to change out the kitchen countertop!! Already he has purchased a new sink and faucet-what a great Hubby!!
So off to get busy...
Oh and I love my new job!!
Knit on...........I do when I can find the time!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

So Cherri

here is the site for lots of socks patterns!

Since my puter won't talk to yours...........check these out!!
Posey is the one!
off to bed.
for those of you who can't sleep...
Knit On!

Knit Nite!

One of the highlights of my week.
This week, I will be again taking the eternal sock knitting......where do these balls of Fixation come from? Just as I thought I was on the last one.....up pops another!!
So only 2 to go to be done with Moc Croc Socks...then on to "winter socks".
I am busy knitting the Christmas stuff,but as some of the recipients read my blog, I can't list them. But I am making some headway...
Off to put in my time at work so I can go knitting.........
Knit On

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Well things here may

settle down, but I doubt it.
I did find buttons, big buttons!! at the Allegan market. We had such a nice weekend!
But since then,,,,,,,,,well, my nice new job, was cut to 3 days..hooked back up with Evergreen
but only for a couple of hours so far, not the 16+ that I was hoping for. Good thing I have knitting and cross stitch stash. But wait! no time for that.
Tim's dad was in an auto accident........there has gone a week! This past week as it happened on Sunday last. He is back home and with only facial injuries and some ribs, he will be ok. They have their own demons to fight in that house. What a bizarre family.

Yesterday found me waking up to DH, or not so D, telling me there is a squirrel in the house......WHAT!!!?!?!?!
Here is the story I told my friend Cherrie....This morning, Friday, Tim woke me up with, there is a squirrel in the house, and I am going to work.
I am terrified of them, bats, mice and such. Birds too.
So I jumped in the shower saw it just as I was finished getting my clothes ready, and got dressed and left. by 7:30 am
got lost going to work, took Blue Star and did not know where to turn off.
got there in time tho...
came home after a long day..........of not much to do. sigh.
and Tim casually mowing the lawn.......after a time he came up and said, didn't see the mouse...
what's for supper? I don't know, you have been home!!
So i threw him a steak which he grilled. finishe up the dishes we hadn't gotten done while he ate. and he left for church .
tomorrow is the 300 piece chicken dinner, who knows if the tickets have been sold. he is packaging up the beans and coleslaw in the little cups with lids.
Cinnamon starts to bark and bark=not really like her when it is just me.
and sure enough that varmit is on the kitchen counter..........I scream, of course.
go to the phone call tim and he go open the door and hope it goes out.......
so I go around the house open the back door. trudge back to the front, shaking all the time. I mean I know this is stupid, but Cherrie, I am really freaked out!!
So I go thur the dining room and it is trying to get to the table in the kitchen, I lost it screaming and throwing stuff, finally after 100 years, i get it to run out the door, I don't even want to think what any one driving by would think.
So I call tim, hy[perventleting and crying to let him know, and he says, oh geez get a grip..
I am so happy it is out, but not seeing any white knights to my rescue tonight.
But this morning my Knight which is still not wearing white, apologized for it all.. I know he did not plan on the eventful ending to our week, but it was pretty close to being IT.
So today finds me having to knit, can you imagine HAVING to knit??
I plan on being in an Artisans Bazaar on Nov 1 and I need needles here I come!
Off topic but worthy of input, I usually knit at FOW on Thursday, with the loss of job time, I find I can knit on Tuesday mornings also!! A real treat for now!
So off to rip our a sweater or two as that is what the felted bags I intend to offer are made from.
in the mean time.......................................................................
Knit On!!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008


It's Labor Day weekend!! How can this be?? I didn't get to do the beach scene, not even once(yeah I am such a beach bunny, not!) But I do like the evening beach at sunset....maybe tomorrow or Monday evening, that is still, "summer" right???
Today DH and I went to the local Craft show, it's an annual that I love to go to..don't buy, but love to look. Occasionally, something cries out to go home with us, or me. Not so this year.
Tomorrow will find us bright and early at the Allegan Antique Market!! Again some where I like to go, but rarely find anything. But this is the first time this year I get to go early!!
Monday will find just the two of us at home, hopefully getting the autumn decorations out, yes this year we are going to decorate early! Then we can really enjoy them.
So I am off to knit and plan tomorrow!
Happy holiday to those who do get a "long weekend".
Knit ON.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Back from the Fiber Fest

after a long week, I did go...........and walked and looked and walked and looked and giggled and talked and had a GREAT time. Big, big Thank Yous go out to my dear friend Cherrie and her Carl!
Only bought one skein of socks that rock and another wool to knit up and felt...I was very controlled.
Tonight I came home and Tim picked the remaining blackberries I did not this morning...we now have 12 1/2 pints of delicious blackberry jam!!
My neighbor called and offered me tomatoes and tomorrow will be some of that !!
Preserving and canning are in full swing......I grumble while doing it, but I do so love my pretty jars of food, lol.
Off to knit!!
so to you...............
Knit On.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

one hard week

I feel like I have been living a movie or tv script this week.
Our Aunt Erma died on Monday in an automobile accident, with the service at graveside on Thursday.
On Friday evening, our Angela-DH's neice-got married.
Today, I am up much earlier than I planned, but it is Fiber Fest day. I have yet to pack, the week kept both DH and I very busy.
But luckily I had made my "list" weeks ago in preparation, now just to find all that stuff!!
That's all for now, as I gotta get going and get my stuff to the door to take. We are camping overnight at the Fest!! Just my friend Cherrie and I!!! NO BOYS!
So fans!-I am outta here!
Knit on!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Why are we so tired???

Could it be the weather, could it be we plan too much for our plate??
I am tired of being tired!! I want just a time to sit.
I never used to get tired. But I guess the new job and summer activities
are just catching up with me. I need a break, oh wait! I am going
to get one! Fiber Fest!!
Even tho we have to attend DH's niece's wedding on Friday the 15th--and
that delayed the original plans- :-(!
I will be meeting up with Cherrie on Saturday morning!!
So starting on next Monday--I am packing!! Packing to spend one night you ask?
Well there are many projects to take, so I won't get bored you know.........I hope to finish up
at least one, but you know, I will just probably just start a new one. Most likely, socks.
I haven't knit any just for me in a time, and winter's coming!
So that is the plan, for today, I have to pick up my sewing from the dining room
table this morning as DH's cousin and her husband will be here when I come home
from work and DH is planning on them staying for supper.
So probably no knitting for me again tonight, which makes a stressed me!
in the mean time, for me.....
Knit on.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Monday, sigh

the weekend went by way too quickly.
Yesterday we took the day off from church. Did some running around and just worked at home. It felt good to not be in a hurry!
Surprise! the pastor calls at 8 pm, we missed you, where were you...and so on and so forth.
We too want time off!!
Today is a blah day for me, I feel dis-orientated, DH says I am dehydrated, maybe, will turn in early, like that will happen, and try to get a good night's sleep
Off to finish supper, and then the sign for Fiber Fest so others can identify our site, Cher!
in the mean time.........
Knit ON.

Friday, August 01, 2008

While I do like my new job,

I am pretty happy it is the last workday of my week.
There is so much I want to do at home, organize my stash-es, yarn, patterns, cross stitch, patterns, stamping stuff, idea sheets........well you get the idea.
I also have curtain valances to finish up for the kitchen, the master bedroom, CharlieAnn's room in California and the front foyer, tho I have to find fabric for the foyer. I guess I had better make a list!!
It is true, I am a list maker. It keeps me focused and on task. While I may not get the list done in the time line which I set, it does keep it at the forefront.
So with Blueberries in full swing, it will be time to start putting them up! I think I am going to try drying some of them. Treats for winter!
I have a starter list for my trip to FiberFest.....and that is one of the reasons I want to get into the yarn which I already have. To have a fresh idea of what I do already own. I do know I will find some sock yarn, I truly love socks! And now I have a job where I can easily wear them to work, no more strigent dress code for me!! Not exactly a jeans everyday enviroment, but come winter/fall, I will certainly try it for Fridays!
I am in hopes that the new Mummy movie is playing at the local theater.........can you say date night??
So off to do my morning knitting, I have a personal goal of 10 pair of fingerless mitts to complete in the next few days. and get them off to my sister to hopefully "peddle"..
in the mean time,
Knit On.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Yes, my friends the blueberries are ON!!
This morning I am making fresh blueberry muffins. Don't you wish you were coming to my Angel Food distribution?
So I am on the run for today.........
Angel Food this morning
The rest of the grocery shopping this afternoon, with Mom.
and the Littles by supper time.
Is it any wonder I don't have time to clean house???
Knitting must come first, lol.
in the mean time.
Knit On.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tuesday-already, sigh

and the list still isn't touched, lol.
Oh to knit a while before bed, Yawn.........
Knit on.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

And She's 2!!

Officially on July 13 Charlie Ann became two!!
Isn't she a cutie in her new car??

My Son in Law Jim, just installed another modem for me, durn storms keep knocking me out!
so I am back.

Job is going well........but boy am I tired at the end of my work day.
Hopefully routine will kick in soon?.
Off to take the last Little outta the tub
their Dad brought them over tonight so we could conserve gas!!
All I had to do was ask.
Knit on............I am.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

And the band played on...

Hope everyone has a good day!
We did here.......Parade at 11 am, then to the grocery store to get more burgers and pickle relish.
My former Director, when I sang with the Lakeland Chorale Society, Cole, who is the High School Choir Director, and his students are outside of the grocery.
Selling hot dogs! Well when someone recognizes you and they are "selling" and it's Cole, well, I purchased 3 for us for lunch! Good for me!
Thenk we came home, Tim and I readied the back yard for a 5 pm cook-out!
We had 17 people! Most everyone had Tim's folks.
Sorry for Tim, but I would hope he sees that if he doesn't start to find Joy in everything, that is him in a couple of years!
They-his folks left early and the rest of us stayed out side til almost 9, then everyone went home and we three and my friend Mary came in.
Mary stayed for about 45 minutes and then she went home
15 minutes later Mom went out to the cottage to go to bed.
Tim and I watched the Boston Pops Fireworks on CBS and then so did we!

Today we are going Thrifting this morning(visit the regular thrift stores and maybe a garage sale or two), picking up the Littles at 1:30 and heading to an other gathering at 3!!
I am loving my weekend off so far!! Gotta Love that M-F job!!
In the mean time............

Knit On!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

A long week over

New Job, old job, new(to me) car, Bible School, Angel Food distribution........whew.......I am beat.
Started a new sweater for Charlie Ann, going quickly, it had better her birthday is July 13. She will be 2!!!
The littles went to Bible School all last week, Kendra went to camp on Sunday-my last day working for the library, so Mom and Dad(!) took her! I picked her up on Tuesday afternoon in the new to me 2002 PT Cruiser. I love this car!!
Light Almond Pearl with taupe leather interior, sun roof, talk about being spoiled.
But now I am safely traveling to my new job. Only worked one day, but it was great!

Tim is working on getting the new front entrance finished up, maybe by Tuesday.
Then he wants to create a deck space in the back yard.
The 4th of July is Friday and we are having a cook-0ut!! Probably only the usuals, but still a fun time, especially knowing that I won't have to work any of the weekend!!!!! YAHOO!!!

So I needed to get some thing posted to let my fans know what I am up to, or not.
I cleaned out the littles clothing here today, 2 plus boxes of outgrown clothes. I hope to donate them to a ministry which just gives clothing to needy. As I and Mom purchased most from the Goodwill or Thrift stores, I feel right to just let the next kids just have them. Many of them are still like new! So they should bring smiles to little faces.
Knit on, I plan to.....

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sunny Saturday morning

that's what I woke up to!
Even tho the mid part of my day will be spent inside the library, I am looking forward to a great weekend.
The Littles will be coming this afternoon, Kendra will be going to camp tomorrow. I wish I could take her, but Rachel will and it is right that she do so.
I will pick her up on Tuesday, what an adventure for her! 7 years old and her first camp!
Tim is happy about me finding a new job, he thinks I need to pull my share, right like I did not do that during the past 6 months!
I have many things to get back in order, funny not having a strict schedule, some things got put aside, lol. But it won't take long to get back to ship-shape!
Off to do one of my two last days and take in the letter to make it official.
Knit on---I plan to do so tonight!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Another Chapter is coming to a close

Appropriate from a "librarian" don't you think?
Last week on Friday I was contacted by an old friend, did I want to consider working for him??
Full time with benefits?? Only kicker was I would have to drive 30 way. But it is all expressway.
So I interviewed for the job. Was told they would call me on Thursday...and they did..did I want it? Yah, you betcha!
So today is the hard part. Telling my home care employer, I will miss my elders, but not the secondhand smoke at the one persons home-I tell you it is so thick that I need a shower when I am done there! And as for my gentleman, well, I do feel badly about him, he trusts and likes me. I hope he understands it is only about the money. Not him.
I will also have to tell someone from the library board. This ain't gonna be fun. Since the director has moved on there is Chaos reigning! I just wanted to do a job, a good job. Every day it seemed my position was diminshed further. I was hired to be the Youth Librarian, and I felt yesterday to be just a little above a Page-high school students who re-shelve books. Not that I am above shelving books, but when I am told a 20 year old spoiled arrogant child is "in charge"-not the message I had received just 5 days before! Well, it is time to move on.
So I will work the weekend, and be done, figure it out. I am moving on. Only one story time-will need to have someone cover it, maybe two...guess the "summer college student" can do that too!
So I am going to look at books on CD, better than radio for my drive??? Since driving will cut into my reading time and my knitting time, maybe lunch hours will be dedicated to that!
But no weekends, Paid Holidays, Paid bennies........well I gotta go!
As for the driving, well, I drove almost as much doing the two jobs! And this will be way, stop for the day, and then one way home.
So off to do errands, but first knit.
Knit on!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Saturday finally

And today still finds many things to do, Prayer Shawl meeting, cleaning house, cleaning up the remainders of last week's basement flood, curtains to make, blinds to hang. Ok way too much to do, as usual. But plug thru I will, but I will not forget to make time to knit or be fun!
We watched no less than 2 DVDs last week-Untraceable and Mad Money.........both worthy of viewing.
I am starting to think of Christmas, don't laugh, knitters must think ahead-somewhat. I have great plans for gifts right now!!! Again this year Christmas will be focused on people not money.
What are the thoughts on Blueberry jam or Blueberry Salsa????
My friend Cherrie and I are planning on being at the FiberFest in Allegan for a couple of quiet days..knitting, looking absorbing the Fiber World. I really want to do this, it will be help August 16-17--now that would be my Saturday and Sunday to work at the Library, but in that I have to work the weekend of Jan's knit-away.........I will have to let them know on Tuesday, I am unable to work the fiberfest weekend. Now to just let Tim know, lol. He too loves FiberFest, but maybe he can come and visit? Afterall, blueberries will be in and he should be busy.
My Littles will have to do without Grandma that weekend.........I need to be there!!
At present my yarn budget is at a close. I have only one skein of Americana sock yarn in the drawer on hold at Friends of Wool. What great ladies to do this-hold items until the funds come in for the buyers. For me it has been a wonderful thing.
I have to get hustling on knitting for Christmas........and planning too!
I still want to knit up that nativity, better get those sticks clicking!
Yesterday my business day ended with and interesting phone call to my home.........interesting is all I am saying for now. But it could be life altering, in any case, it was heart changing. More in the days to come.
So while there aren't any pictures, that washer is calling my name, sigh, soon I will post a few of the wedding and others-probably socks, lol.
in the mean time...............
Knit On.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I am home

They are married, Mom is back to her home, doing laundry and I am pooped.
tomorrow back to the work grind. The librarian at the library where my new job is has moved on....wonder what that means for those left behind?? --hopefully not too much "change".
A look at Douglas and Charlie Ann looking for Grandma in the LasVegas Airport.

Here I am seeing my son for the first time in 5 years-at the LasVegas airport!
Still makes me cry!

Will have more pictures and stories later, I am tired and need a nap!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sunny, but

still kind of cool in the mornings. About 35 degrees! and not too warming in the day times either.
only about 55. Soon enough we will be kabitzing about how hot it is!
I have finished yet another pair of moc croc socks, I have to get the camera near the computer and get those photos posted here!
In two short weeks now we will be in Vegas! While it is good to know that, it is also alarming, there is always soooooooo much to do before going away for a little time. The fact that Rachel and Jim will be here keeping the dogs makes it alot easier.
Mom is here today and we are going to plant flowers at the gravesites. Then a wedding reception this afternoon and the Littles after that.
Another busy weekend!
Knit on, when you get the chance or be like me and just take it!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

And the thunder rolls!

Tim gave me a goodbye hug and kiss, but I was too warm and comfortable to get out of bed. Wrong! Shortly after he left, Cinnamon, my red doxie starts to cry. And then the thunder and lighting came rolling thru. Only about half an hour, but these sounds are not comforting to me!
Seems to be a break right now, whew.
I work "all day" at the library today, I hope the days all go as quickly as they have been. I am planning on firming up the adult portion of the summer reading challenge today.
It's official, gas was $3.99 yesterday, sigh. With the gas hog I have to drive it will be very expensive to keep her on the road. But on the road I must go!
Hoping that our neighbor gets a piece of land turned for a summer garden soon. I would like us to be able to turn the soil some before we plant. I also plan on looking for some canning jars, I can do that and it seems if everything is rising in costs, well, I should.
Today I am going to print out my list of things to pack and place it up in the suitcase. It's official(lots of official stuff here today,huh?) I am going to start to pack!!
I did move and leave the furniture in the living room. Tim does not like it, sorry but for the summer it is going to stay! Looks lots more open to me and I miss being able to move furniture. I always moved it frequently when I was single, I like to keep it interesting.
Off to do the mandatory morning knit!
Knit on.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Only 15 days til we leave for LasVegas!! Douglas is so excited, he talks to me almost everyday(sometimes twice a day!) with plans and such.
I only want to make it thru the upcoming weekend. Momma is the house must be House Beautiful perfect, no knitting bags, no skeins of wayward yarn, no pile of magazines!
Busy, busy, who did I think I was getting a job? Oh that's right, Mr. Bill who visits via the mailbox thought I needed a J, O, B. How did I ever work full time before??
Today I am concerned about the property surrounding ours. The women who own it have big ideas, a horse pasture, horse barn, carriage house(garage with living quarters above) and a main house, not to mention a 4 car garage for her "business". This property was originally 11 acres.
We purchased 2.5 acres, the southwest corner. The business is north of us, the pasture will be to the east and the buildings.....mostly spattered to the east. Way too much building for my opinion. Why buy in the country and build next to the existing homeowners. The fact that this is Tim's boss does not make it easier. Originally, they were only to build a house and garage.......sigh. With the economy in Michigan what it is, well we couldn't sell if we wanted to.
My main concern is horses, no I don't like them. And I don't believe they will keep it clean. It will smell here at times and there will be horse flies. I don't care what they claim, we have lived next to horses before and I know it will.
Ok enough of to move furniture in the livingroom, Tim says it is fine, but I want to see if it would work another way, oh and there is that work thing to do today too!
in the meantime, if you have time,
Knit on.

Friday, May 09, 2008


Only 2 hours to work today, in my Home Care field and 6.5 tomorrow and I have the weekend off.
Right, the littles will be here after I finish working tomorrow, and Tim is hosting a chicken dinner at church. busy, busy weekend here in our house!
I have a little to knit on for my last Mother's Day giftie and then I can post pics!
in the mean time........................
Knit On.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

And so it goes..

the price of gas, that is. I am thankful that my 2 part-time jobs are within 10 miles of home.
expected prices of $4.00, well that just cuts out any extra trips, anywhere. Careful planning every time one gets in their car. But at this time, I won't be giving up knitting on Thursday!
IF the time comes that I must cut back, well, it will be to every other, but I don't want to do that.
I have been busy, too busy it seems, I have gotten a little knitting done, but can't post pics yet. It takes me a little while and I have to be out of here earlier than originally planned this morning.
Trust me, I have gotten in most of my knitting time.
Off to get ready for my first full day at the library, I shall feel like a bird with clipped wings after all this freedom for the last few months? We will see.
In the mean time.........
Knit on.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

go to the Wedding shoes!

Ok I am going to try and get the picture where I want it, if it doesn't work, well, they are destined to be on the top..for now.
OK!! I was able to move it!! Hurrah for being stubborn and wanting to figure this out for myself!
the shoes are a satin fabric with embroidery and cut outs, rubber soles, so we don't have to worry about me being ungraceful.
Oh, in my last post I forgot to tell about the Sunday potluck and auction...
Tim and I got to church early, 9 am to get stuff arranged on tables as it came in for the after church, after potluck auction. And did stuff come in.
Church starts, Tim doesn't sing in the choir as he feels really crappy, so I sing, but after the anthem, I go down to sit in then pew with Tim. He starts coughing and gagging so out he runs. I sit there awhile and then I go out, as I am sure the dining hall needs attention-read here tables and chairs. Yes, it does, sigh. So we start setting up additional, with another's help. Then we get the food out, cut if needed, table ware, plates, make up the punch all of that this time I am steaming, I am not the only person on the finance committee..........there are at least 9 others, where are they?? And where is the chairperson?? So church ends, everyone comes rushing out to eat-of course. I am really ticked off that the chairperson is so unaware of his needing to be helping that I basically go off!! Tell him, I won't be counting the offering, and he will be cleaning up as I am done.
The auction begins and guess who is to be the person writing down the purchase and the cashier??Yep. me.
We get thru it, that's the long story short. Disappointingly, my perfect little felted purse went with an end of auction clear the table sweep..for about $3-I won't do that again. and here is the one which is most disappointing for us, the 2 night stay in our cottage, value $160- went for $25. A box of cookies went for $20-so next time I will just bake cookies. Or not.

It has taken until last night for me to get rid of my feeling on this auction and the lack of participation of the other members of the committee, enough so that I may not be attending the next meeting..........I am still ticked, just trying not to let it rule me.
Off to grab a quick nap before my day begins, officially!
Knit on.

Nevada here we come!

Yesterday, Tim took the day off and we went on a mini-vacation!

Ok it was just a trip to South Bend, but we figured out we had not been there in 5 years!

We just meandered our way there, stopping if we wanted anywhere.

The main purpose of our trip you ask? To shop! I had been given -very generously-a gift card to Penney's as a birthday gift. We know the one there has the best selection of clothing, in my size. So off we went...I was exhausted!! I tried on clothing for 2.5 hours!! But success!!

2 pair of khakis, and 3 tops! Plus a little left on my card!! enough for another trip? Or just a jaunt to Holland. We will see!

Then we went off to Sears, to look at a red grill-living in a dream world, as it is on sale for $279.00, But, I was swept off into Tim's dream, so off we went. The grill is huge, half the size of our LadyBug-'91 escort. And the top doesn't match the rest of the grill, not a pretty site!

But, I did find my go to the wedding shoes! Comfy and on sale!

So then we wound our way home stopping at a Goodwill, and what did we find?

This little dress, which may well be Charlie Ann's go to the wedding find. Poor Deja, she is having a time finding the right dress. And the right dress it must be!! So I will be sending this off after I launder and press it today, to California! If nothing else, it will be a back up, or we will bring it back home for Colee, who will love it as it is "purple", lol.
So, that is what happened yesterday, but let's look back, Movie night was a bust! No one came, but Tim, myself, the Pastor and one guy and his teenage daughter, as they are friends of ours, we figure it was only out of mercy they did come. So we cancelled and we came home. I finished up the remaining things I wanted to do in the cottage and went to bed.
Saturday morning came too early, Tim off to the church by 7, me scurrying to finish getting ready, projects, I must have projects to knit on!
At 7:45 am, true to her word, my friend, Barb came. She brought a breakfast casserole, her spinning wheel, and knitting projects...the Knit-Away-Day had begun! Shortly afterwords, Cherrie drove in with a full trunk!! Projects and all! Now the fun really began!
In all 20 women came and we had a wonderful, bonding, prize winning time! As promised, there were lots and lots of prizes. And tossed stash on the bed to be exchanged!
There was talk of an annual event!(Cherrie and I knew this would probably be the outcome!) Wait someone says, we need to do this twice a year, no quarterly says another. Now you and I know it is a busy world and for women to steal a few hours once a week to knit, it makes some feel guilty(not me!). But, to let family and friends know that they will be doing that weekly and also attend a day retreat once every three months, especially in Summer or Holiday time, Well I am of the opinion they won't. But one in Spring and one in Fall, now that could happen!
All I do know is that, We ALL had a great time!! Laughed, knit, hugged and ate and ate and ate, lol. It was a success!
Knit on...

Friday, April 25, 2008


This week has been crazy!
Sunday, church, Monday work, run to Holland, pay bills, Church council meeting, Tuesday, work, check in to Library for details on new job, run to Holland, choir, Wednesday, run to Holland-had a great time thrifting-buy groceries, talk to Librarian about schedule for May, cook dinner for the PRAISE dinner and service, talk to Douglas for almost 2 hours, Thursday, work, run to Holland, a little thrifting, come home, go to knitting-whew-.
So here is the plan for the next few days, Friday, run to Bodfish Farms to distribute Angel Food flyers, call woman in Douglas to help them get information, go to Walmart get stuff for Movie night, work, clean cottage, Movie night(hope I don't have to go...), Saturday, Tim has to be to church at 7 am to go get Angel Food, Knit-Away-Day starts at 8 am, and runs to midnight, Tim will be in and out.......Sunday potluck at church with Auction following.........Sunday night collapse.
There you have it!
Knit on--If you have time, I don't think I will until Saturday!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Here she is, My Charlie Ann..........

here is one for now, more to follow..
Knit on.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Our official Easter photo

what a spring looking group. Kendra is wearing a hat also, but it is a cloche type and does'nt show much. Tristan is tired of posing....
We had a great day-always do.
Knit on.

I have been knitting

Here is the hood portion of the sweater for Charlie Ann. Notice the little heart shaped buttons??

and here is a pic of the whole sweater. Just waiting for a pic of her wearing it!

These are my sister's socks. to keep her tootsies warm.
Today I should finish a new pattern I tried for a prayer shawl. I am using the Cotton Candy colored Homespun which my friend Ann gifted to me. Pictures to follow.....
Knit on.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Here are April's socks

Which were to be March's, in that my home has battled(and almost won!) the flu in the last 4 weeks, I missed posting for March. So I am taking the easy route and marking them April's-that is allowed, right??

orphan yarn-probably acrylic-no idea, but they feel yummy on! Just a basic sock pattern too, nothing exciting.

Sent a package

to California yesterday, loaded with goodies. I can't post a pic of one item cuz, "they" might be reading the blog! Will soon tho!
I am again at odds on what to do about the home care job. The one client seems to think my time is optional. Come but don't stay the full time, leave early. This one is just not making any money...especially now that gas prices are $3.49!!!
Spring is here, I can hear birdies singing this morning. The world here is surely washed clean, there was rain wind, thunder and lighting last night - much of it!
It is not to be a pleasant weekend, more rain and cooler temps. Good thing I have inside things to do, by this I mean knitting, lol.
Off to do just that!
Knit on.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

And the rain came down.

Apparently last night thunderstorms drove thru the area. Luckily, we slept thru them. But after today, well, that 4-letter word is forcasted....sigh.
News on the job front here............maybe. Investigating the possibility today, my only day without home care in the week. Lots of errands, laundry and chores to to also. But I will try to make a valiant effort.
I have to get on the stick and get some new pictures in here! I have yet to post my March socks and to start up a pair for April. Maybe a quick croc pair from Fixation?
Speaking of crocs....Tim placed rails for a shelf system on the basment stairs and yes, I hooked the strap of my krocs on it and busted the button which holds the strap in, sigh. Always me.
Do you think krocs can be worn in CA?? Or just try and get a new pair of birkies?? I am liking the birkies idea.
So not much is happening here, just much of the same with the exception of Cherrie coming over yesterday afternoon. We sorted out the prizes for Knit-Away-Day. At this time we have 38 small bags! And more to come!! We will be having a door prize every 1/2 hour from 8:30 til Midnight and more chances to win also. Cherrie has been working on this, thank you.
We are hoping for good weather so the outside can be used also....we will see...........
So off to knit(really crochet) on my shawl for THE Wedding. It is done just putting on the edging and then to block it out. I have to make it to Penneys yet to spend the gift card Douglas and Deja sent for my birthday-new duds for the trip out west!
Knit on.

Monday, April 07, 2008

So here I sit trying

to get my week started. I was up too late, Lifetime movies, lol.
But I did awake before 8-5 minutes before. Laundry and household chores await me, as always, but I think I will take some time this morning to work on the prizes aspect of the upcoming Knit-Away-Day! I have something fun in mind!
I talked with Douglas again yesterday, it is so good to talk with him. It is like we never lost contact. He is planning so much for the wedding and us coming, I hope he doesn't crash and burn emotionally. He is also planning on doing the food for the reception. Lots of self pressure.
Well just a little entry today, off to be productive, uh-huh..............
Knit on in the mean time.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

68 degrees today!

What a nice temp for a Sunday!
The Littles were here since Friday evening. Early Saturday morning we all took a picnic lunch and went out to reclaim/recycle some used deck/ramp treated wood. Thru joint efforts of Tim and I(mostly Tim) we brought a total of 2 trailer loads. Plenty of rails and most of the wood needed to make new steps for the front entryway. Winter has played a cruel joke, our cement steps are starting to crumble, it seems they are only cement blocks with a concrete frosting covering them, sigh. Luckily, Tim is very handy and can create a new set, provided we have the materials, most of which we have now, Thank you!
Last week found me back to work at the home care, it went well. Wednesday was the best day I have had in a long time health-wise. I accomplished much here at home, but after an illness like we two had here, well, it will take a little time to get the rhythm back! But it is coming..........
I knit a Prayer Shawl last week in light blue Red Heart Baby Clouds. Sorry Red Heart, but this is nasty stuff to knit with, big puffs which continually get caught on the needle. But on size 17s it was a quick knit and looks good in the basket for distribution.
Hope/plan on starting another this week also. My shawl for the wedding is knit out of cotton twist, in a pretty pink and greens varigeted, I have only one hank to knit and then it will be bound off, dropping the stitches for a lacy effect. I plan on crocheting a border rather than fringe it. I don't think I am really a "fringe" girl. Bohemian, yes, but not to the point of fringe-y, lol.
Off to knit, want to finish up that shawl..................
Knit On.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Rainy days and Mondays

don't always get me down. But today it is dreary. Not to mention, I was back to work at the "paid daughter" position. I decided to keep the position, no it is not really making us much money, but if I don't find other employment, well, I will ask for more clients and at least I will have some kind of job.
Tim and I are both trying to get our strength back after this horrid flu. It is so draining, on sunny days it is better, but then we do too much and are beat.
Unless I get on the stick, I won't be posting my March socks.........sigh. I will just be late with posting on the blog for the knit along. I did get a pair done, but just don't have the energy to do the camera thing.
The littles were here for the weekend, Friday thru to Sunday afternoon. My Kendra no longer wants to go back home, talk about breaking my heart! We will get them again next Friday, it is much much easier for them to be here 2 nights, it gives them a chance to play outside and have a routine. They sang in the youth choir at church, every word. OK Tristan did not sing every word, but he had not practiced with them and the song director did not want to "make him" sit down, he just stood up there and watched Kendra. Colee sang her heart too and played the tamborine on the first number! Was her Grandpa proud?!
So off to get chef's salads for supper............tired of the same old things...
Knit on!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Long recovery

I finally feel better. Going on Day 2! I have a few errands to run this morning, and then home to make supper and go out to Knit Nite!
I have missed my knitting gals!
Here on the homefront, the big, big news is that we have purchased the tickets to go to Las Vegas to be able to attend the May 31st wedding!! We leave on the 29th and return on the 3rd of June.
Now just to hope that Mom and Tim can get along, sigh. Since Mom has helped get us there she seems to be acting rather childish lately, "I paid for the tickets(ok we put them on your credit card....), so I get the window seats on the plane. So I will be having a clear view of the asile.
Ok, I will just bring sock knitting, lol. you can't diminish my joy of going!
I hope to finish up Charlie Ann's sweater today or tomorrow and get it in the mail to California!
California here I come!!!
Off to get the mundane chores out of the way for today!
Knit On.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Tomorrow is Easter?

with 12 plus inches of new snow on the ground?? Michigan sure can be fun.
Flu bug is on the way out of the household, all that remains is the "tireds". And a little coughing.
I am getting excited as we are getting the Littles today! I have missed them so.
I will be getting the Easter Baskets ready this morning, before they get here and then tuck them away, to be discovered tomorrow morning!
Speaking of which, we plan on being at the Easter Sunrise service. And taking the makings for a breakfast. I will be putting together a "strata" a first for me...never made one of those before. My friend Rachel who lost her husband recently, will also be helping. I am happy for her help and happy to give her "something" to do. The firsts without a spouse of many years is only a hardship I can imagine.
Started the sleeves of Charlie Ann's sweater last night, so it should be completed soon. Then mailed out to her for those cool desert times.
Happy Easter to All.
Knit on.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

working on Charlie Ann's sweater

I picked up the stitches for the hood. I am liking how it is going.
Without a diagonisis from the doctor, I have decided that I too have the flu...the coughing is all but gone, not a temp, but I am cold..I slept today til 12:45 and that is just not like me.
I am laying low hoping to get this over sooner.
Today is my birthday, my pastor called to wish me Happy Birthday, nice. I called him back and he did not recognize my voice...he is worried about me. I told him if this is how 55 feels, I will go back to 54!
So just a little entry for today, so you readers will know I am doing ok. Just ok.
Knit on.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Camp StitchALot is over for 2008

Just fond memories are all that remain. What a wonderful time I had at this unique retreat.
With the exception of Tim's escapades, he came down with the flu and had several self-made crisis, it was a great time.
My sister and I spent most of the 5 days in the hotel, only going out for a couple of meals. Applebees, Lucky's Steak house and Big Boy. Other than that, it was a very intense weekend!
On the way to camp, we stopped at Michaels, and I found a lilac boucle yarn and the sweetest little pattern, for Charlie Ann to have a "Grandma made" sweater. Just a little garter stitch hooded cardigan. So while I was at cross stitch camp, much of my time before camp(it officially did not start until 7 pm on Friday) and after(officially ended at noon on Sunday) knitting.
Saturday morning found me in Betsy Stinner's Amish class. She lectured about the Amish lifestyle. She always does loads of research and has the most entertaining class. My kit includes a tiny basket made by an Amish woman which Bets met and commissioned to make them for her. The kit includes the floss, and fabric to make "smalls". These are a scissor fob, a needle book and a pocket to hold scissors. These then are all kept in the basket.
There were about 5 boxes of cast off charts.........and yes, I brought some of them home with me. As I learned to say this weekend, "I just couldn't help myself".
Coming home was an experience. Finally Tim agreed to come and pick me up in DeWitt, many of you do not know that he absolute hates me going to camp. Never mind that I have been going since 2000. He hates it. He is always "ugly" about my going, but truthfully, it costs us nothing. Nada, my sister always gives this to me as a gift. A wonderful gift.
To say that the ride home was a strain would be an exaggeration. But I will continue to go, as long as I can. I believe it is healthy for couples to have individual interests. Enough said on this negative subject.
So I am home again and questioning my choice to be in the home care. In the long/short, it is not cost effective for me to be doing this job. With the price of gas and the clients either not being there or changing their minds about how long I should be there...........I managed to bring home a whopping 7 dollars for 2 weeks. And this did not include the cost of my gas. This was after the state reduced my unemployment for what I had earned. What a bug-a-boo.
So I come home to Tim having the flu, but on day 3. While at camp, I got the coughs. Last night my rib cage was so sore I was sure I needed to have an ace bandage on me to aleviate the pain when coughing. Today the coughing is subsiding, but now I have a temp. But that was after doing all the running to get the car insurance changed and the tags for the two cars. Tomorrow a few more bills to pay and then just rest.
I did have a good time at my camp, but Tim managed to reduce my joy with all the phone calls and problems..this too shall pass.
NOW, I am focused on Knit Away Day and of course my upcoming trip to Nevada and California.
This post is very rambling, but that is the way my brain is thinking right now.
I am off to read a little...tomorrow I will hope to put the hood on the sweater, the body is done, only sleeves and the hood to go. The pattern has the hood sewn on after knitting, I think I will just pick up the stitches at the neckline and graft the top to finish. Then on to the sleeves. I wanted to have it done by Easter, but no way will it reach her on time. They will still be surprised!
Knit On.

Saturday, March 08, 2008


That's how my week went. Nothing particular, just seemed way too "busy". I did not seem to accomplish anything much out of the ordinary. I think I am becoming unraveled. Not rattled, just not quite as organized as I once was. I need to reclaim that!
I am leaving for camp on Wednesday and I have a bucket load of stuff to do here at home and plenty of other things dragging me out of the house--daily.
So, maker of lists that I am, I have a list. Detailed. Will she or won't she complete the list before Wedneday morning? Stay posted.
In the mean time.........
Knit On.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Sunshine, lollipops, rainbows everywhere!

Ok maybe not quite, but it has been a good week.
My friend Kathy has told me that she has a job-God does provide.
I hope this job is what she needs, it is a major change in a career direction for her, but she is happy with that!
I continue on in Home Care, I really do like it. It is varied and doesn't seem to get stale, ok it is only week 2, but in that it involves different every day, I like it.
Tim is super excited and that is saying it mildly, about going out for the wedding. He even checked out several books from the library on information in that area. I gently reminded him that Mom will be going also, and she might tire out if we try to do too much. And the main reason for the trip is to see Douglas. How that makes my heart sing, "to see Douglas".
On the Knit Away Day, Cherrie is really getting it together for the prizes!! She is organizing ideas for how exactly they will be dispersed. Her personal goal is to have every one leave the day with a "prize"!
My Camp is in just over a week-ackkkkkkk! I have my name tag to stitch and a home to polish up before I can get in that car and leave with my brother-in-law, who is my chauffeur to DeWitt. I will be on the scenic route in that I will be going from here to DeWitt, spending the night. Then on to Davison. I am still not sure of the arrangements to get me home. But I hope they will. Talk about traveling blind!
So off to knit, I am making premie hats. FOW handed out a directions sheet if we wanted to help with this project. There are 7 sizes, so I challenged my self to make the 7, of course. I have 2.5 done so far. I would like to have them finished by this Thursday as I will not be there next. I am going to change to double points instead of the circulars.......seems to me that it might go more quickly for me. I still fight those dangling needles which aren't being used.
I want to try and get a sweater knit for Charlie Ann. I know I can not get one done for Easter, but I sure would like to try! Yesterday I bought her a tiny bunny with a back pack. I figure Grandma could tuck a bill or two in there!
So I need to get that ready to send out early next week. Much to do!
Knit On.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Miracles Happen Every Day

Some of you know, my son Douglas does not live here in Michigan.
Earlier this week, my mom received an invitation to a wedding.
On the invite was an email address and a phone number.
I did not receive an invitation.
Ellen(My youngest sister, the one living at Mom's presently with Husband, two kids, dog and cat-anothere story there) scanned the invite and the envelope and sent it to me.
First I emailed a friend who lives in LasVegas, asking about Henderson NV-where it stated the wedding would be.
She emailed me back.
Ok, then I sent an email to the came back undeliverable 3 times.
This ticked me off, I was suspicious that Mom was being scammed for money for a wedding present.
Especially as we had not heard from Douglas since October 2005. At which time there was a mention, maybe my girlfriend is pregnant. And a plea for money, which I was able to scrounge up, without asking Tim.
We have heard nothing................nada............blank for all this time. My heart grew sadder and sadder, especially at holidays and on his birthday.
So in my Ticked off state, I called the number. "Hello" This is AnnMarie is Douglas there....... "OH, I knew you would call. I told Doug you would"

My boy is alive! I have been praying feverishly, as have several others.
Long story short, I talked to Deja for about an hour and a half...........Charlie Ann Mayhew is 19 months old. I AM A NEW GRANDMA!!!!!!
They had sent a packet to our Holland address, but we haven't been there for over a year. Hopefully the US Mail will return it to them.
Yesterday they next day FedEx-ed a packet to came today.
After crying for an hour-sobbing with joy...........I called the number again.
I talked to my Douglas for over an hour. He wants only for a wedding gift for me to be able to come to the wedding.
Ok--Tim does not know anything yet..............I don't want to tell him and disappoint him. Doug is his "boy" and it broke his heart as much as mine.
Today Tim was at a conference for church with the Pastor.
I took the envelope and waited in the church parking lot for over an hour for their return.
When they pulled in, they both looked at me puzzled.
I raised the FedEx packet---concern crossed both faces.............
I told them, "Miracles happen every day."
Then I pulled out the picture of Douglas and Charlie Ann..................with Spanky(my cat, who Doug took when I married Tim-he's allergic, but that's another story)
Tim started to while I shortened the story. He knows, as I do, that Douglas is alive.
Douglas is doing well. A good parent and a good provider.
The above picture is but one of the many I received. From Birth to 2/24/08 when this one was taken. It is the the first one Tim saw....

Words can not tell you all how happy I am ...this is such a wonderous thing that God has given Tim and I, and our family.
My Littles are here and that is another Joy. Life can be and is good.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Just in time for Feb KAL socks

Americana yarn......thank you Dawn!

I also finished up 2 other pair in Encore.

On to the next.

Last night at Knit Nite, we were presented with the opportunity to make hats for premies. Sign me up for 7, I said. They should go quickly and there seem to be seven sizes. If I can make 10 pairs of socks for orphans, I can do this. Besides, my enabler, Tim, brought home a shopping bag of yarn from the school. The teacher was tossing may be older, and acrylic, but perfectly usable. So it will become hats as alot of it is baby fine yarn!

Waiting for the beef short ribs to fall off the bone in the crockpot. With oven fried french fries and tossed salad, supper will be complete.

The sun is presently shining. WOOD-TV says 97.2 inches of snow so far. ENOUGH ALREADY!

Camp is in 12 days for me!!! Sorting of stuff and packing to do yet. Better get busy, but first have to finish the skull wrist warmers for Alex's 16th birthday, tomorrow.

Knit oN.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

So now it's gotta snow??

Of course, it is still February.
I went to my first client yesterday. It went ok. I must admit I was a nervous wreck, but I did it. Not difficult-so far-but I still need to find a full-time job. This will keep me "out there" if nothing else.
I finished another pair of Encore socks, will have to take the pic and post.
Sunday went great, those little girls SANG every word. And smiled. My heart was just goo. and of course the tears were there too. Same for crusty ole Grandpa. I am so happy that I push to do this for them. They let Daddy know they were disappointed that he wasn't there(he had told them he would come-sigh*Don't promise what you don't intend doing, there is plenty of disappoint in life with out that*)
For lunch we had quesadillas-homemade. And they love them. I tell you if you don't have a quesadilla maker, you are missing it. We use ours alot, chicken beef, just is great!
Off to try a cheese bread recipe,
I have two places to go today, but not until 10 so I have some time to do this and knit!
Knit On.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Last Sunday in 2008's February

All I have to say is what?! February is gone already?
But on an other note, so are two months of winter.
Not much time to write, but I wanted to make sure to get some notes down.
The kids are so happy to be here. Tim on the other hand is being a grump.
Too much work, I know, but I am also of the opinion, that better management of his time, would make it easier. That and less laying on the couch being sad.
Heck, I found a job, I applied for another, I am trying. Not to mention that I do still receive unemployment!
Oh well, I ain't gonna let it get me down...
I have turned the heel on my February KAL5 socks, need to get them done!
I can use the ones I knitted Tim for Valentine's Day, but the feels like cheating since they aren't for me!
I also want to get those 'Americana " ones done too!
Well, I hear little feet on the stairs, my day has begun!
Knit On.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Gone from the Blog a few days,

and look what happens!
From the beginning, the Valentine Party was success! Everyone who attended had a great time. The talent time was wonderful, several who weren't scheduled to appear wanted to share also. The crafts were well accepted. The desserts were delicious. The movie time was great. And the popcorn maker only added to the movie atmosphere!
Sunday brought church and an all-church potluck following the service. Let me tell you, the Methodists sure know how to put out the chow!! What an assortment. The kids just go wild with all the choices. Tho they have learned which dishes they will not like, lol. But dessert is always a favorite of the kids.
On Tuesday I went on an interview at Evergreen Commons, for a Home Care position. I filled out the application and went on my way with a well, return on Thursday at one for orientation.
So Thursday came and I planned on being there at 1. I get a frantic call, you need to be at the church! The budget meeting is now!!(it's 10 am-me with no shower no where near ready!) So off I go! Leave there at 12:30 and head to Holland. By 3 pm. I learn I have a J-O-B. And I already have "clients".
So there goes all my goof off time...
I start on Monday. To me it mostly sounds like a "paid daughter" position. I have no medical training, just common sense and age on my side, lol.
So off I go to a new adventure.
Speaking of adventures..........last night, Knit Nite, Cherrie and I presented the opportunity to attend Knit-Away-Day! It was well received! We are planning on fun times here gals, so don't miss this!
Well, Tim is on his way home and we are going to the Fennville Library. Him to work or something, me to check in and out books! Gotta get my reading done for the book club, I need a prize. And Mary, the librarian tells me they are great prizes!! Me I am hoping for my own copy of One Skein, lol. Probably not. But I can dream.
Knit On.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

It's Valentine Saturday!!

Tonight Tim and I are hosting a Valentine Party at the church. We have a couple of crafts for the kids, hope that those attending bring a "favorite dessert", and have a few movies, The Lake House(the main feature for "adults"), The Impossible Elephant for the kids and The Ultimate Gift, if a second is needed(probably not so we have a Sunday afternoon movie!)
Tim will be playing a few selections on the organ, we have invited anyone else wishing to perform in the talent portion to do so also, but there will probably be no takers on that-their loss.
If nothing else, Tim and I and the Littles and the Pastor, his wife and their 3 grandchildren will be attending. The weather is to be fine. So here's hoping.
This is something Tim really wanted to do.
Tomorrow is a potluck after church. I plan on making a General Tso Chicken dish to take in a crock pot. I am cooking the chicken tonight. And the rice to go in the other crockpot tomorrow morning. I have a bag of apples needing to be used, so I think an apple crisp is in the making this morning too!
That will make sure there will be enough for the littles and us, volumewise at the potluck. By this I mean, sometimes, there is not loaves and fishes thing happening. The first thru the line-especially if it is the Youth-fill up their plates and by the end of the line, not so much if anything to choose from.
I have a cabbage also, so maybe a coleslaw too? We will see when I run out of steam, lol.
So far the reactions to Knit Away Day are positive!! It needs to be a little planned so people who come aren't disappointed, but with my friends help(of course they are the ones coming, lol) it will be a success!! I am so pleased/excited to be able to do this!!!
Even with the continual uneasy-ness of unemployment, I find that I am at Peace. I really like my life right now, I am happy. Is that selfish to be so, I don't think so, it has changed the focus here in our home from money. Now don't get me wrong, there isn't any extra-and I mean any but that doesn't seem to be too big an issue. I have learned a new "skill"-reclaiming yarn( I love finding the 100% sweaters), cooking more and knitting and knitting and cross stitching.
Speaking of which, Camp is coming name tag and my "kit" have to get done!!
So the plan is to finish up the clogs for Tim, and then attack the cross stitching.
I am also planning on stitching a sampler which I found(with Mima's help) in DMC 111-now I stole that color from my friend, Patricia. I saw a sampler in which she is using it and fell in love. I love monochromatic colored stitchings.
Enough chit-chat for now...........this has become long.
Off to to the mandatory morning knit-Tim is gone to work at the library, so I won't feel guilty, lol.
Knit on.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Fridays are great!

Belated Valentine wishes to all from me!
Yesterday morning Tim was gifted with a bag of M and M's, Cherry Gel Hearts and a pair of knitted socks. I got a wave goodbye. Not to worry.
He came home with heart "peeps", a cookie and cream candy bar(my personal favorite!) and a lottery ticket(which did not win). A cookie he got from school, heart with frosting and a strawberry newton cookie.
We had supper of a ham slice and home-made German Potato Salad(I don't care for it, but Tim loves it-even tho I did not use his mom's recipe) and green beans.
Then I ran off to Knit Nite..........came home to him playing love songs on the organ!!
Then we watched LOST. A nice evening!
Ok I did not finish up the knitted black bear, almost-going to be in the Easter Basket now, lol.
Nor did I get the clogs finished, will just be an I Love You gift......and still a surprise!
Today, I feel human again! I have felt so crappy this week, I was afraid pneumonia was setting in, but by being careful to get enough rest and fluids, I think I may have headed it off! Will continue my routine to do so......
At Knit Nite last night it was brought to topic to have a Retreat/Getaway...some of the ideas are way out of my budget, and not really what I want to do. I want just some knitting girlfriend time, not shopping or sight-seeing. I do those with Tim when we go away as he is great about indulging me with shopping(read here looking in many shops). So I just want the time to spend more time with these ladies I like so much.
So............... I have decided that in April the American Bear Cottage will be hosting a Knit Away Day! I have a chosen the date of Saturday the 26th. The 2nd Saturday wouldn't work as that is Prayer Shawl time at church so I was down to 3 choices. The 26th was the best choice. Note: If you participate in Angel Food, this is a pick-up day, but come after you pick up........or arrange for someone else to pick-up for you. Girlfriend time is important!
Keep posted for details! If I can pull off the annual Christmas Open House, this will be a piece of cake!
I am on a mission...beware, lol
Have a great weekend, and
Knit on

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Migraine Monday,

moved into to Too-Cold Tuesday.
Last night the Littles went home. No Valentine making, but my frig is covered with art. From all 3. They were good, but Grandma just wasn't up to par. So we colored watched Dora, Dragon Tales, WonderPets and I don't know what else. Before you get to thinking that the TV I watched the news, Rachel Ray and the 1.5 soaps that I like.
Monday evening brought a Finance meeting at church, followed by a council meeting. Meetings are for those who don't want to do, that is my opinion today. What if Jesus' friends said, hey wait, we have to get a committee to decide?????
I have the Faith that what needs to happen-will, regardless of the nay-sayers.
Today, I got the valentines made and posted to the family members, sorry friends, I love you all, but I didn't get them done in time.......
Two days to complete the clogs, but wait, I saw a great idea where they are gifted before they are felted!!! That is what I am going to do to Tim, he will freak-or think I have lost it.
His socks will be done also, easy will the little black bear, which he doesn't know about.
So off to clean out the fireplace and start tonight's fire. I would have liked one all day, but with leaving in the middle to run errands......what was I thinking??!!
I decided to wait.........NOW is the time, lol.
Keep warm and
Knit on.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Frozen Tundra!

Or so it looks outside. Today church was cancelled! Too cold, too blowy snowy.
Tim went out just after lunch to get a paper, milk and pop. He forgot the milk......and me with the Littles here, sigh. I would like to make him go back, but really, I am not that heartless..we will do okay, we have milk and canned milk if I want to cook anything using milk.
We watched Wild Hogs movie, funny!
I am knitting the 2nd sock for Tim's valentine.......he wouldn't try on the first one at any point so I figure if they don't fit, I will have a pair, lol.
So it is almost nap time, I will get some fixin's out to make some Valentine cards later in the afternoon. I may take a pic of them when we get done. Can't think of anything better to do on a snowy Feb Sunday afternoon! Ok maybe a nap, but with the kids, that probably won't happen.
Off to knit...
Knit on.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Don cha just hate it when you..

pay off the "note" on a car and then it decides to cost you money????
Well today's bill was $517.06! A new fuel pump and fuel filter, but now it at least runs. Yesterday Tim came home from a conference on Blueberries-we could make money on these?!-and parked in the driveway. I went out right away to go to Knit nite....and no start?! What?? He just came I called Barb, no answer, Called Mary, she was in a Kathy........she came from Holland and picked me up. Now that is a Knitting friend!! and She took me to Dittos to pick up a few more sweaters to reclaim. Barb brought me home. I am such a ride bum! But, but it was to make it to Knit Nite....!
I love my girlfriends at Knit Nite!
Joan showed off the knit embellished sweatshirt, cute, cute, cute. I am going to have to find me a sweatshirt quick to try this out!! My camp gals will love it!
I bought four more sweaters to reclaim....a wool and cashmere vest.......already done! Only the soaking and drying to do.......I don't remember the others but they were pretty!! (of course) So I have to get me a winder...Kathy says to use a 40% coupon at Joann's so I need to get one of those!!
It will happen when it needs to...I am so having fun ripping out the sweaters and finding new fibers for my knitting hobby.
Off to knit on Tim's second sock, the Valentine ones which he knows about.....the clogs should be ready for felting on Monday afternoon, or Tuesday at the latest. Now just to find the place for them to dry where he won't find them.......the Victorian room! We keep it closed up when the Littles aren't here!
Tomorrow is Prayer shawl meeting at the church, in the morning Pastor Dave, Tim and I are going to a conference hopefully we will get the Littles and maybe Alex after the prayer shawl knitting.
Angel Food ministries seems to be starting well, I know there will be bumps, but it is a wonderful thing that is happening.
Knit On.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Good thing I am not a Momma Sheep...

I would be tossing the kids in the dryer, or would that be lambs?? hehe.
So the hanks are not dry.......I am still so tempted to put them over the dining room register.. I am winding the whitish one on a toilet paper tube, slow going. but I really want to knit up a swatch of the reds. I know, I have plenty to finish up first. Tim's socks, Tim's Valentine socks..a prayer shawl and to cross stitch for camp too. which is now just over 30 days away......yikes, I gots to get organized!!!
Off to get busy..........oh but first, Tim took a vacation day today and he is attending a conference at Lake Michigan College about blueberry-ing. Hope he doesn't come home wanting a John Deere again, sigh. That has to wait for a little bit.
Knit on.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Here's the end result of 2 sweaters

reclaiming of the yarn!! I am just waiting for it to dry and then wind up into balls. Sure could use a winder now! (Note to self: ask for one for my birthday, in March). This could be addictive! When they are dry, I will knit up a swatch and see how it felts.......they could be slippers, and who knows?

Ta, Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Here are Kendra and Nicole with our Valentine Gingerbread house! They had so much fun decorating this. I must confess, I did the roof while they were outside playing in the snow. Kendra loved putting on the candy, but she did not like the mess on her fingers.
Colee was good with it for about 2 pieces then she would drift away, come back and put on a couple more. Just not a fast enough process for our Colee. Tristan tried to help, but he fell asleep on the kitchen floor! Tim came in an took him back to the livingroom and rocked him for a time. I told Tim those days are passing way too fast.
So yesterday, Tuesday, I went to FOW for knitting in the morning, working on my american socks-the yarn a gift from my friend from St. Joe, Dawn-I have one done and almost to the heel on the second. I can knit on it when Tim is home, but when he is gone, I am trying to get a pair of felted clogs done for a Valentine surprise! I think I will make my goal, today I should be able to finish the main part of #2. Then the soles of both to go. And finish up his little black bear! Will he be surprised.
Anyway back to my tale of yesterday, I found this cool pattern called Fuzzy on Knitty for a felted boot slipper! I wanted to obtain some yarn, but not having extre$$ was creating a challenge. So I went to HL used my 40% off coupon and got a safe color, blue. Then I searched Ditto-one of the local resale/thrift shops in Holland for sweaters to "reclaim" the yarn. I found 2 (the sale of the week is 2 for 1) 100% Lambs wool hand knit sweaters. One in red and one in a reddish tone, with white accents on the yoke. All of this for $3.00!! So if this doesn't work, too hard to dis-mantle, or the yarn won't loose its crimp, or it won't felt. I won't be out too much $$ wise.
So of course being a patient woman, not, I started yesterday at about 4:30 pm to go at it! By midnight, yes, I did help Tim bring in wood, made supper and checked on my emails, I had most of the red one into hanks and all of the reddish and white one in hanks. I then soaked them in the bathtub in cool water until saturated. Then I gently squished out some of the water and hung them to dry on my drying rack. They were straightening out!!
This morning they are still damp, but definitely straight. Now just to wait, so I can knit up a swatch and check for felting, pretty exciting..........a whole new adventure for me.........I am already thinking of that pretty coral sweater which was silk and something..........oh and the cashmere and silk, beige one. LOL. I am off and running...........Tim of course thinks I am crazy, but he is tolerant and as long as it is CHEAP, he probably won't complain too much.
So off to see what else I can do today, oh and of course work on that clog.
Knit on.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Saturday morning peace time...

well, until the group gets up! That's right the Littles are here! I missed them so much and I think they missed me too.
Yesterday I finally learned how to put the pictures from my camera to the computer. I also signed up for a Flikr page to keep them on. Now they can go on my blog!
So, here is the pair of socks I made for the Sock A Month Knit a-long, which I signed up for on Ravelry. They are made from Encore Colorspun Blue on Blue. Size 6 needles and they only used one skein! The pattern is Joan's socks, which I received at Friends of Wool about a year ago. Pretty shadings I think and they are warm. Now Tim wants a pair too. I am making him a navy pair.
Kendra and Tristan have had hack jobs on their hair, it makes me sad. Poor Kendra she said she asked her mom to cut off a little. She cut about 6 inches and did a poor job. Again something for me to clean-up, but I am happy that I am able to and the kids trust me. Tristan's is way too short and again a hack job. But I will neaten him up tonight, I did cut up the scraggles last night.

Today we have some picking up to do in the morning and then in the afternoon, we will put together the Valentine Gingerbread house! I have some Necco candy hearts and lollipops(they maybe can be trees?-will have to see) and we will use only the red, pink or white-won't it be fun convincing the kids not to use it all???

Friday, February 01, 2008

Winter snow warning.

Those weather people are so smart........this time they were right!
We are having Snow, yes snow with a capital letter. Tim says about an inch an hour, but that is the way guys measure, right? I don't think it is that much, but it is plenty and coming down!
I am straightening up the messed up house, with me home it doesn't get put back any better than before, February is going to start with me if I just don't get distracted.
Last night Tim took me into Holland where we went grocery shopping, something we do about every 3 months, oh we get the fresh stuff as needed, but canned goods and such as that only every 3 months it works well for our house.
Then I was dropped off at Knit nite, I love those girlfriends. We are planning a cookbook......we are all great cooks or know great recipes.......and Earleen also wants to add hints and stories. Imagine stories from us, lol. Some of them are a hoot, like broiled kitty?? Or the doggie door story? Or the flapping goose?
Does any one remember the Grit?? It was a weekly newspaper that my Grandma got, it had great stories.........we would have lots and lots of material for it today!
So I have to treat myself to an hour of knitting, I am working on the mohair shawl today.
Then I have to drag in wood, kindling, re-arrange the canned goods, do laundry, put away laundry and re-hem a pair of curtains into valances for the kitchen. Maybe I will have time to run up a set of panel curtains for the computer area, it seems cold around the edges today. I have the fabric, just need to get these things done. The bed is made with a different quilt and shams today. My log cabin house one, it seemed appropriate for a snowed in day.
The Littles are to come today, but I doubt that Tim will go get them. So I am trying to get their mother to deliver them here before she goes to work. I hope I am successful!
Off to knit, Rachel Ray is coming on and maybe I will get ideas for supper?
Knit on.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

And on it goes...

took the tests on Tuesday........I "was" to get the results and a plan today.
Ladybug's doors are frozen shut.....and I mean shut! So I called and I am staying home. Enjoying Rachel Ray, and then to do housework. Need to get it all ship-shape before my Littles come tomorrow.
Yesterday was yucky bad weather, so I knit.......I finished up my blue Joan's socks in an Encore Colorspun in soft blue on blue. They looked so nice. Tim now wants the navy colored yarn made into warm socks for him. OK, least I can do.
I am still working on Sonnet, but got way-laid by the socks. My feet are so cold.
have to work in more socks, but get the sweater done.
Up to pull out the DMC for the red, white, blue project for camp........see Mima, I did not forget!
So off to enjoy the show and knit.......then the drudgery.
Knit On.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Monday, and dreaming

Daring to Dream-overcoming barriers that hold you back. That is the name of the study program I joined yesterday at church. Now usually I am not one for bible "study", but the title of this 50 day program and the time of my life, well it just seems like it might fit.
Dreams-you remember then don't you? What you wanted to be when you grew up? Me, my first choice was a Home-EC teacher, boy does that date me...
The and a recurring "dream" is was to be an archaeologist........yes, me, prissy, exacting me in a "dig". I love the finding part of history, so maybe a museum curator is in my future. Right here in North Glenn, I don't think so.
Then my dream was to have a store, antiques, handcrafted items and such. A friend of mine had one such store, and I helped, displays, painting, rep-arranging-you name it I did it. I learned alot about how things work together to be pleasing to the eye. For a time I actually got people to pay me to tell them how to arrange furniture and things to be better enjoyed daily!
Back to real life, now I just have mine and Tim's things to arrange.........but that is ok, I see it developing in my Granddaughter, Kendra. She is my little me(sometimes my little Rachel, too), she likes to make it pleasing to her eyes, lol.
Today, I promise I am going to Allegan to take that testing stuff, the weather is still yucky, but I "gots to go". We will see how useful this will be in life, but off I go.
But to reward myself to going, I am going to FOW's Tuesday morning open Knit. Yes, Mima, it seems I don't do much but knit lately.........much to finish up before Camp!
So since I want to get a good start on the day...........I am out of here!
Knit On.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Friday, Saturday and now it's Sunday,

So where did the last few days go?? Well, let's see....on Friday, I was able to get my new glasses. I am trying to wear them more they do help with eye fatique in the evenings especially. Then I ran quickly up to Holland. I was on a mission!
I had to get the pattern to FOW, which I used for the market bag for one thing.
Trip to the credit union for another. But my big reason was to hit the thrift store in search of "new" jeans...mine are getting not only very comfortably, larger, but also very worn and saggy looking. So off I went, well, I was successful in my mission for I found and bought not only 2 pairs of jeans, but 2 pink turtlenecks and a lime green sweater! All for only $10! So was I ever successful.
Saturday found me back at FOW's doorstep-really next door. I attended Chris Blysma's Stashology! Fun and fun. We learned how to be random, something not only I struggled with but also several of the others too! But we did learn and we did see how well this could work. So after a delightful lunch and a little more instruction, we were turned loose in the shop to explore the newly learned skills about choosing what makes our hearts sing! No longer does one have to feel guilty about only purchasing one hank, ball or skein.(This is something which I have personally struggled with when we visit other shops and areas.) I now know how to use them!
Back home after the class only to learn Tim had decided we would not be getting the Littles after all. My heart is sad, I miss my Littles. But I did tell him we would be bringing them home next Friday. NO EXCUSES!
Sunday morning found me very tired, I apparently did too much late Saturday, I brought in 10 loads of wood, so it would be dry to burn in the wood burner. (It never gets brought in ahead of time, I am tired of trying to burn wet wood. So while I can only bring in 4-5 logs at a time........I filled the rack almost half full. And gathered up 2 5-gallon buckets of sticks for starters! This will make my life much easier!) Well, it was too much, my body fought me all night long with leg and abdomen cramps. Extremely painful.....and waking me up every 1-2 hours all night long. But off to church we went, I was the reader of scriptures, so there was no playing hooky. I am glad I went, the message begins a new series, Dare to Dream again.......... How appropriate at this time in my life!
While I have constant dreams about things to create and do for me, my home and others, I don't seem to have any Dreams-you know the big ones, if I had all the money, what would I do? Where would I go? How would my life change?
So at this crossroads of my life it seems a good time to examine and learn to dream, again.
Knit on...........I am. Gotta get that Sonnet Sweater at a stage I can show it off on Thursday!(Just for you Cherrie!! love you!)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

And the Lake Effect continues...

last night we received about 9 inches of new snow.......Thankful am I that I do not have to venture any further than the mailbox!
It is Knit Nite and perhaps, Tim will take me in or not....I am not ready to leave the nice warmth of the wood stove and my slippers, lol.
Making the rice pudding today in the crockpot as a surprise for Tim! He will have worked outside for much of the day, shoveling and clearing snow. Even tho there is no school, the sidewalks must be cleared.
I finished up the market tote for the shop, in a linen. It turned out nicely, if I say so myself, and I wrote up the adjustments to the pattern so the shop will have the directions.
Personally, I like my lime green one, knit in Sugar and Cream, a much "happier" looking bag. But, in either color it is a nice bag!
Now to tackle the finishing up of a couple pair of socks and make a pair of black mitts for a friend of my sisters-to ride on the Harley with, no less!
so I have plenty to keep my fingers moving-not to mention the pieces I need to get started on for my kit for camp. A curious tradition my sister and I have is to create a co-ordinated kit for accessories, ie. a scissors fob, needlebook, whatever. I do think my absolute favorite was the squirrel fob that Mima made is the cutest.
so off to stay out of trouble.............
Knit on!

Monday, January 21, 2008

In spite,

of the continuing cold that persists outside, we have been pretty comfortable. Of course, that means throwing a log or two on the fire every hour or so. And it also means that today,(while Tim is gone to work-how did he plan that?!) more wood must be hauled in. I figure that I have wood enough for about 4-5 hours, so by noon I shall have to be bundled up and venture out! By then I will be ready for some "exercise".
On the knitting front, I am about 1/2 way done with the body piece of the Sonnet sweater. I am liking the colors and they interesting way the pattern is working up. Already I am thinking of new ways to make the next one "mine" shorter length, perhaps? Less of a neck opening? Will see how this one fits tho before I venture out to do another. And I have only a few inches to finish up on the market bag. It is in linen and looking quite "green friendly". Already having one in lime green Sugar n' Cream(or maybe Peaches and Cream) any way it is cotton yarn. The girls and I love it to take to market. In fact I have "on the needles" a second one in a coral color-so there will be 2 bags when we go to market. No squabbling over who carries the bag. Of course now with Tristan being 3, he will probably want to carry a bag also.....better get busy, Grandma, lol.
The Littles did not come this weekend, Tim worked late on Saturday, painting at the library(yeah!) and with the cold snow and blow, we decided that it would be better for them to stay home. Of course we learned at church yesterday, they did not have school today(Martin Luther King day), so it would have been ok to take them home mid-day today. Next weekend for sure they are coming!
So for today, I have to plan supper, and try to get the stuff outta the dining room, check on the cottage, haul wood, do laundry(that never ends!) and knit. Oh and get the valances finished up for the kitchen. Plenty to keep me out of trouble. Have to get 2 days worth done, as tomorrow I want to go to knitting at FOW in the am and have to be in Allegan for the testing in the pm.
So my week is starting off busy!
Knit on!

Friday, January 18, 2008

I am a cast-on-aholic..

yes it's true. I am. Today I cast on some of the Red Heart yarn my sister gave me for Christmas. I had asked for 3 skeins of the same, but surprise, I received 3 different, lol. That being the case I thought now what could I do with these? Hmmmm.......the light and lofty is being incorporated with the remainder of the baby blanket light and lofty for an extra special Prayer Shawl. The autumn-y colors are still waiting to call out to me, as is the bulky.

But the one skein, called Monet, so you can imagine it is soft blues, greens, pinks and purples..........was dying to become a sweater. So it is going to be Sonnet, from, which is pictured above. This is an interesting knit item as it is knit sideways! This looks to be fun, there is a slight pattern(if you want to insert it) or it is just knit in a garter stitch...easy-peasy!!!
So my goal is to have one skein knit up a week, at least. Of course I have to purchase more skeins, while the dye lot may not match, I don't think that will be a major problem. It will just add to the uniqueness of the project.
I wanted a cardigan to wear with jeans and a turtleneck and this will just fit the bill.
So off to finish up the kitchen, think about supper and be thankful that I am in a warm safe house.

Knit on.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Caution: fingers faster than brain.
should read Frozen

Cold Weather warmings..

Here is a new favorite of our home:

Rice Pudding
8-10 servings
1 cup white uncooked rice
1 cup sugar
8 cups milk
3 eggs
1 1/2 cups milk
2 tsp. vanilla
1/4 tsp. salt

1. In slow cooker, mix together rice, sugar, and 8 cups milk.
2. Cook on High 3 hours.
3. Beat together, eggs, 1 1/2 cups milk, vanilla, and salt. Add to slow cooker. Stir. 4. Cook on High 25-30 minutes.
5. Sprinkle with nutmeg or cinnamon. Serve warm.

Here is the Salmon-Potato Cakes.1 lb. fresh or grozen skinless salmon fillets
3 cuups frozen shredded hash brown potatoes, thawed
2 slightly beaten eggs
1 T. seafood seasoning
2 T. buttoer or margarine
1 Thaw fish, if frozen. Rinse, pat dry. In a large skillet cook fish, covered, in a small amount of boiling water for 6 to 9 minutes or until fish flakes easily when tested with a fork. Place cooked fish in a large bowl and flake with a fork, cool slightly.
2. Add potaotes, eggs and seasoning to fish. Stir gently to combine. Shape mixture into 6 patties. In a 12-inch skillet cook patties in hot butter over medium heat for 4 minutes per side or until browned and heated through.
(Note: I did not have the shredded hash browns, so I used the cubed type and treated the mixture more as a"hash". Browned on one side and then stirred to brown the rest.)
This was a hit at our house too!

So there are a couple of things to keep you warm this upcoming cold, cold weekend!
Knit on!