Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat!!

Today was a half day at the bank for me! Yeah! I went to Kendra's school and participated in helping with the party. I was there for the time they went outside and the whole school walked in a parade. She was so happy, big, big smiles to see her Grandma. It just made my day!
Tim(my warrior, who made skull soup for students today, lol) will be home shortly and we will be going to run a couple of errands together. Have to be back quickly as trick or treat will start and we may get the neighbor kids! Maybe Jim will stop with the grandkids also, but as they came to see Kendra, I got pics of Tristand and Colee also.
Tomorrow is the first of November.........only 32 days til the Open House, the good thing is we aren't planning a Thanksgiving dinner, but Tim says we may go out! His folks aren't coming, I won't be inviting Rachel and all, I figure we will have the littles at least for Friday and the weekend after Thanksgiving so we may do the cooking then. Mom is planning on coming over, so she says ok by her to go out!
Back to the Open House, December 2............used to seem so far away..........much to do. Mostly putting the "blocks back in to the box", if you know what I mean...I will be knitting gifts throughout the month of November for Christmas, and plan on what else creative and unique to do for gifts in that time also.
Tim home off we go!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Hot days, time away and a bummer!

This past weekend, my DH, Tim and I went Beulah!! We spent the night on Crystal Lake at the resort........beee-u-tee-full. On Saturday we "wended" our way to Leland and went to the Fiber Fest there!! Quite different than the one at the Allegan Fair grounds in August. Mostly finished items.......but very, very interesting. Of course I found a hank of yarn at Briar Rose's booth and got a shawl kit at Mary Turk?s gonna be a webby gauzy turquoise.
We met up with friends and spent the rest of the day with them, went to the Early Bird for lunch then off to Fishtown, what a cute place. Then we drove up to Sutton's Bay, more shopping and looking.........poor DH by this time his allergies were acting up and he was miserable. But being a trooper, he kept on. We ate supper at Boones, good eats there too! Even tho the weather was HOT, it was a great time.
Then back to our room in Beulah....after a nights sleep we headed home. I think we stopped in every turn out there was...very pretty. Saw the Point Betsie Lighthouse and lots of water and colored leaves, a very nice weekend, Thank you Tim.

Now for the bummer, my puter is at the dr......sigh. The modem went in a storm and they are fixing that and virus and stuff.............can't they come virus proof???? For Grandmas!?
any way in a day or two I will be back online at home.
I am anxious to be on line as I just checked and I have been accepted into Ravelry ! Let the fun begin!
In the meantime I am working on Christmas presents..........elves gotta knit all year round you know!
Knit On!