Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Snow and more snow

oh and the blowing that comes with it...not nice Mother Nature.

In CA, my son is not going to complain about the 65° weather, good thing.
Talks with him last night of over 70 minutes this started at midnight, but don't worry, I had a 2 hour nap first, lol.

We talked of Christmas presents, Charlie's progress-thank you God.
Scarlett's first steps, why could she not have waited until Grandma could get there???

Just trying to get thru the days, DH's underemployment does still not seem to affect him, me, I am going to get white hair and panic attacks(hope not-Xanax worked once but it was always a hazy day, lol.)

Christmas is NOT going to be as home produced as I had originally planned, tough.
I will mostly knit for me this winter season. I have that huge carry on bag to knit for a "some-day" trip out to CA. It was to have been in Feb and all my carefully saved $ went for bills after the job change. Not fair, but life. So again I have started to put away what I can. I miss my son and his family. At this age, I should be able to go 2 times a year, for long weekends, right? Not at present, sigh.

So for now I am content to be in a warm, (mostly) and dry house. Still not decorated for Christmas Holiday, but it will be soon.
in the mean time.....
Knit on.

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