Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunny days,

after a long cold winter are very welcomed at this home! While it is still very cold out-30's-Tim is working on learing up the yard! The house is also getting spring cleaning. Those projects for home organization-shelf building and re-arranging "stuff" seem endless. But after almost 5 years, we have finally fund the right place for items..until we change our minds again, lol. The 16 yr old cat, Spanky, who came home to live with us in early March has adapted well. He loves the window seat upstairs, and the old wool sweater which became a cover for the pad. The warmth of the wool and the sun helps his old bones. He has for the most part whipped the dogs into shape, lol. They just avoid him. He has also won Tim over..really, Tim who wasn't keen on a cat in the house..looks for him, lol. They are becomming "buds"..he is MY cat, lol. So off to make supper, stitch on the table topper so I can start the Easter one--a new passion to stitch these things .. but also to knit bunnies for the mantle and socks to keep my feets warm. So in the mean time. Knit on!

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